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Audio – How to be a successful student part 2B
• Study of the teaching is an unspecialized endeavor
• We’re studying creation and ourselves
• To be a successful student you need an authentic teacher, someone imparting the knowledge, and the teachings. – these are all pieces of the puzzle of creation.
• Higher mysteries are self-knowledge
• Metaphor relationship to sexuality – the student is the female and the teacher is the male. The teacher impregnates the students through words.
• One has to have faith in ones-self to learn the teachings.
• Achieving greatness in the world and the spirit. Achieve a state of consciousness that transcends the body. These are the goals of life.
• Looking at life as a series of lessons that leads you to the knowledge to transcend and discover the divine/ supreme being. Then you have to work on eradicating your thoughts. The worldly distractions will be reduced.
• Virtue allows you to turn away from the distractions of the world. Virtue is following the maat teachings.
• Self-reliance is needed. You are responsible for making yourself understand the teaching.
• Sentient consciousness. The capacity to achieve anything you want in this world if you follow the instructions that have been given. You are divine and if you cleanse yourself you will discover that divinity.
• Spirit operates through matter in time and space. It is the life force.