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Arit Neter S

Reading Discussion for Lesson 7

Which hieroglyphic terms covered in this lesson were most captivating to you and

tjetet hapi
Tjetet Hapi:
Like the Nile River overwhelms the Land. 
So many glyphs to describe the land and a feeling.
It feels this way when emotions or ego in motion takes over.

neteraah smentu
Neteraah Smentu n-f ab-f

The Great God STEELED himself caused firmness. To himself and calmed his heart.
This is captivating because I can visualize the steel girders of a high rise building. Offering structure, and protection. When it feels like I am being taken over by emotions and ego.

rech set ab a
rech-set Ab-a

Know it deep down in my heart.
I love this expression, because it also has Set. It means to me that deep down in the heart, we are beyond Set. Deep down in the heart, we can trust Aset.

maut n atef ren

Maut N Atef Ren
The Essence of My Father is My Name.
This expression is captivating to me because

atefu mut-a

Atefu mut-a, ren-a amun-set m khat-Ra

It was spoken by father and my mother, my name and it was hidden in my constitution, my very being itself.

Reaffirming that when we knew the name of Ra, we know the essence of his father, Neberdjer. It causes me to think about how children are named today, all about ego, not about expressing the Divine. Names can be so powerful, and yet, most are needed in ignorance.

hekau-a n hekay er-a

hekau-a n hekay er-a

Aspirants (should, must) seek to Learn how to use words of power and become a personality who can use their words effectively and Master the Cosmic Forces of Nature, even Ra/Creator/The Illusion.

mu kheperu
Mu kheperu m Neter Anuk Ur.
With this statement, Ra declares that he is an emission created through the Divine Self. That the gods and goddesses are emissions from some other divinity. Ra is a Great God, male divinity that comes from a genderless divinity. Thereby proving that Ra/Creation is an Illusion, because it has gender. 

Dua. Shems Arit

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