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Arit Neter S

Lesson 7 Question 2 for Video
What teachings did I learn in this lesson that I need to reflect on more, or start to apply, or work more diligently on implementing on my personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset.

First observation, Lady Aset did not come into any Family Drama until AFTER she had become a goddess, until AFTER she knew the Essence of Ra….

Teachings from Lesson for further reflection (not in a particular order of sequence or importance)

1. This is actually the last verse in this lesson:

hekau-a n hekay er-a

Learn how to use words of power and become a personality who can use their words effectively and Master the Cosmic Forces of Nature, even Ra/Creator/The Illusion.

I would like to work more diligently on implementing in life, relationships, music and work. For more effective communication of my thoughts feelings and emotions, and also to express the Cosmic Mind with less ego, more clarity and alignment for more intensive purification, more relaxation. Gaining this skill would be a very valuable tool on the road to enlightenment.

2. Vs 50:
Temu Heru Hekenu Singer of Divine Glories is one who can use words of power effectively

lu Djed atef-a that was spoken to my father.
Maut Ten atef ren the essence of my father is my name. 

I will start to apply these teachings immediately because a new song is already being born and this is my favorite way to study and learn more about the teachings. Songwriting is a way to create taffy shepsy and when in alignment, the music can help myself and others eliminate attachments to the illusion.

This verse is important to me because it is about a Singer of Divine Glories, which is one of this aspirant’s aspirations. 

These teachings remind me to seek the essence of the person or the experience, or of what was said, instead of just getting caught up in the worldly expressions.

3. Reject Path of Human Beings. This includes turning away from worldliness. This includes ego-based desires, habits, attitudes, feelings, activities, expectations, longings for relationships, resolution, reconciliation, sentimentality, etc. Turning away from daily review of losses, violations, past mistakes and sufferings caused by ego.

We are advised to start focusing on Ra, on the whole idea of Ra, the Personality of Ra, the Essence of Ra. Turn away from Worldliness, Choose the Divine, choose the Eternal, “walk on the oath of Djehuty”. Remember the essence behind Creation, of Creation.

Turning away from Worldiness means that worldly, delusional people will turn away from you. I need to work more diligently on Khak Ab-ing toxic family relations. losses, heartbreaks, longing for reconciliation, etc.

4. “The Cry of the Mother is the Cry of the Ego”, (this is referring to the Queen Mother screaming when she saw Aset putting her baby into the Fire of Immortality). The cry of the fear of separation. But basically, this is what is going on when the sadness comes up when it is time to let go of attachment: the Ego is trying to get you to stay in the relationship or situation even though it is not in alignment with Nehast.

When it does not bring Joy or Bliss, only frustration, sadness and grief. This is a test of one’s willingness to turn away, or choice to allow ego/attachment to rule and lead to further entanglements.

5. The Power of Aset is the Power of the Wisdom Teaching to transform a mortal personality into an immortal being. The Fire of Wisdom combined with Sekhem PURIFIES.

6. When being flooded by emotions, like when the Nile Floods the Land, 

Flooded by Emotions

in a moment of strength, STEEL UP, Firm Self Up. 

steel up!

Remain calm enough to speak. Definitely going to start applying this technique.

7. Once Ra has been poisoned, he is unable to maintain the illusion. More motivation to continue finding ways to poison the illusion of creation, especially using words of power to overpower Ra.

8. When engaging in one-pointed vision, keep in mind that this is a flow in only one direction, from general to specific.

With this technique, one has the power to pierce the illusion, not even God can stop you from success. You gain power over the gods and goddesses. Not a Slave to them, but Master of them. Master of Self. The Illusion can be poisoned by Truth. And, the illusion does not “like” Truth.

9. Vs 44: The Power of Killing the Illusion. Ego translates this as loss, sadness, abandonment, and false sense of separation. When it is actually purifying, liberating, empowering, enlightening. It strikes like lightning!

This is being applied when/where there is great sadness during moments of Khak Ab, will try to remember this very quickly, to eliminate swelling and suffering. There is oftentimes pain during the act of letting go of attachment. I need to reflect on this more, because even though I read “Power”, typed “Power”, wrote it out in my notes, I interpret this in my limited mind as the Pain of Killing the Illusion. This requires more reflection and meditation.

Dua. Hotep.
Shems Arit.