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Bastu Yashi

Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The term {Neter} nubau, gold/immortal vision stood out to me. Nubau is associated with gold, the sun, immortality. This is relevant in that Aset’s khak ab, antet begag, an nemu, affecting her divine attainment of wisdom (Ra divine name) has led to the expelling of the delusion of time and space. Sebai notes that gold references immortality, the sun, fire. This relates to the poison and the process of the personality coming out of a delusionary aspect of his illness and Aset actualizing into her own divine nature.

As I reflected upon this, I was inspired by the allusion to gold, the sun, and going beyond that to the truth of being. Envisioning the gold, I reflected upon its presence in the temples of the neteru in Kemet, and the related mysticism of its use. Sebai notes Aset has reached, “immortal vision.” This stands out as a memoire and prelude to the next verse in which Aset states, “nuk A,” I am the divinity. She has returned to her goddess state, nehast. Dua, htp for this beautiful reflection, scripture and lesson.

Dua, htp,
Shems Yashi