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Bastu Yashi

Important points in Lesson 10:

Aset’s khak ab to know the divine name of Ra was her seeking to know his true essence. This is also the same as, “Who am I,” asking the name of something is what it is, essentially, rather than superficially. We see the superficiality all around us (as Ra tried delude Aset into embracing). As such, the aspirant should develop the khak ab to seek the esoteric, rather than exoteric aspects of the neteru. This requires a probing that goes beyond superficiality or time and space tangible aspects of study, but rather, the intuitional wisdom. This is the essence of knowing Aset developed her taffy shepsy to harness.

Pery is poison, this is the affliction of the heart, fueling delusion. The heart holds ariu, fueling desire, feelings, thoughts which become locked in the unconscious mind and block knowledge of higher aspects of spirit. Ra’s illusion of creation is burning.
Aset continues to employ hekau, antet begag, shemsu udja, to reinforce her to know the truth. The pery continues to burn the illusion of creation. Asets taffy shepsy is still, an nemu. Ra eventually relents and opens himself for inspection, so that she may discover his name. The goal of the sacred serpent is achieved, creation is disarmed, the essential nature of wisdom is joined. The opacity of soul is gone, there is a merging – creation is experienced – not spoken. Ones search for wisdom is to be based upon ethical conscience (maak heru). Sebai reiterates that ethical conscience must be in alignment to avoid falling into demoniac delusion.

Ra is hidden in the neteru – his creation. Ra has at this point lain himself bear, Ra Tem has failed to maintain delusion, he is hidden now. The boat is empty, there is no more delusion of creation (no god/dess, divinity /self). Sebai notes that at this point we are beyond ritual/myth. Temu’s throne is vacant. Aset states, “m ankh neter erdat neter maa fy,” making an oath with the divine that, that when the time comes, the divinity (Ra) will give his Maa, two eyes/sun/moon ( 2 eyes of Heru). Sebai reiterates the lives of Heru and Ra are bound; if one dies the other does also.

Mythical religion is adoration of the images/name. The mystical aspect is going above and beyond the time/space, external ego manifestation of the divine. The essence remains in the nature of time and space itself, and the nun, anrutef. Beyond this is the name itself. In the Asarian tradition, this is Asar, in a special region of Duat, it’s the pillar of Asar. In the Anunian tradition it is the anrutef/duat; the barque sails through with the sektet rope hanging for those who are worthy, they may grasp the ropes and dwell for eternity as neteru there.

Zet tepi: Aset discusses the first arising of Ra in this creation, when time and space was brought into being – this will happen again. This alludes to a time when one is becoming enlightened, likened to the time of the first creation. She is merging into a vast, transcendental reality.

Utjez is noted as rising, as if panning for gold in a stream, Aset has lifted Ra’s name from his body. Sebai relates that this process requires intense investigation and search, of the initiate, to lift the divine name out of the creation itself, which is in all spaces, and between them.

In Verse 112, Aset declares that she has caused the poison to come out and down out of the body of Ra falling to the ground. Ra is laying on his back, its oozing out of him like sweat. Sebai Maa relates to the use of the term, “Nuk,” meaning I. The symbol is a man sitting with beard means either male or female divinity. This distinction alludes that everything is coming together. This is the

    turning point between Aset – woman and Neter

the symbol of a divine being. This is important, with vast implications.

There is no longer a necessity for khak ab, chanting, seeking or poison. The world has become Ra, one is not looking in the way of delusion, exists in a state of duality. This is nonexistent at this point – the entire idea of time and space is an illusion. All is the divine, transcendental and infinite.

Aset states the poison has fallen under protective vital forces, its lifted from the divinity, creation is therefore restored, “Ra ankh f metut mer”. She affirms creation in an orderly way – with the dual consciousness. Aset has become Mistress of Neteru, Knower of Ra’s Divine Name. When an initiate attains this level, they are also referred to a knower of Ra’s own name: m ren f djezef

Sebai Maa relates, this is existing with Heru consciousness in the physical, astral (Ra contemplation), in the deeper self (Sokar, Sekert), the higher divinity in this context. Aset provides the initiate with instructions to follow this path, including a ritual for hekau with intent, feeling antet begag to be done in front of images of Temu, Heru Hekenu, the proclaimer and the Glorious and Extolled Goddess Aset, together with an image of Heru. These images are presented in the poster as well as the meditation mat for the initiate employment in building their unique taffy shepsy on this glorious Asetian wisdom path. Dua, htp,

Shems Yashi

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