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Lesson 3: Part 1 – Reflection/Summary
Uab Amuntyt

In lesson 3, Sebai Maa expounds on the teachings of Sage Amenemope on the character of a heated man. Sage Amenemopes cautions us to stay away from the heated personality, “Don’t start a quarrel with a hot-mouthed man, withdraw from him, leave him alone, The God knows how to answer him.” Sebai Maa emphasized that when you are dealing with a heated man, this is not a good time to ask them for things or for them to make a decision as they may not be thinking clearly. A heated personality can also lead a person to poor health such as stroke and heart problems. Amenemope writes, “As for the heated man in the temple, He is like a tree growing indoors”. This is saying that it would be hard for a heated (agitated) person to receive the benefits from the sweet devotional feelings from the Temple. His spiritual growth is stunted by his anger. This made me reflect on my own temperament when in the temple and how I was not able to receive the full benefits of the teachings and good vibes from my fellow initiates because of my temperament. Although my personality type is not one that reflects what most folks calls a “heated” nature I do at time have an emotional heat (stemming from sentimentality, stress and triteness) that can prevent me from getting the full benefits from the teachings. It is the silent person that grows like a tree in a meadow; it greens; it doubles its yield. It stands in front, of its lord and not his “ego”. Sebai Maa describes the silent person as one who has inner peace.

Part 2: Question
There is no need to engage in agitated feelings thoughts or actions unless you are seeking revenge. True/False (False)
Video Marker: 35:39