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Arit Neter S

Important Points covered in this lecture
1. Important Points on Piercing the Illusion:

The Purpose of the Human Body is to be able to pierce the Illusion 
with the Mind and Senses. However, we allow ourselves to become enamored 
with the details of human existence.

Agreeing, likes cause pleasure; conflict, dislikes cause pain. 
Running away from things that cause discomfort, and towards things that bring comfort, hiding the illusion of the pain involved in its creation. Like moths to a flame, 
running towards imminent destruction. Going back and forth, between likes and dislikes, causes fluctuation, agitation, or vibration in the mind. Which cause waves in the primeval ocean of undifferentiated consciousness. We allow this to take form, and become differentiated. The forms become opaque and block the vision between conscious reality and higher nature. 

With a one pointed mind directed towards the goal, peer into the Nature of Ra. Which is not just the Sun as it travels across the Sky. But the Essence Behind Creation, Of Creation. Ra created all things out of himself. If you are able to concentrate on the Nature of anything with this understanding, with one pointedness of mind, then Ra/Illusion will be pierced and the world of time and space will cease to matter or to exist. The illusion and every aspect of creation will be revealed. This is the goal and the discipline. In this Temple of Aset class, we study everything that is to be known in order to make that effective.

Vs 38-40: The trouble Ra is going through, he cannot keep his own expression, the expression that he has made. He must call them back to himself. The taffy Shepsy has poisoned the Illusion, cannot be maintained. See the Essence of Duality, the Piercing of the Veil. Reveals the weakness of Ra. Like drawing back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. And, it was a the discernment of Toto (Anpu) that revealed the illusion.

Vs 41: “Some Creature Cut me or bit me, has made me painfully sick” Ra has some knowledge, but cannot actually say what has happened. He doesn’t even know who or what bit him. And he is supposedly the Creator!

Vs 42-43: He has no idea, it was not a creature that he made himself. He does not know how it happened. He did not see it with his own eyes. We are being told that Taffy Shepsy: is one pointed vision, is a one pointed thought process that goes from the general to the specific, one direction only; concentrating and focusing. This process is unknown to the illusion. Ra is the expression of the illusion. Ra has no power against it. It is not made by his hand, nor made from or with him.

Those aspirants who engage in this practice become independent. This practice gives human beings power over the illusion. Have the power to be successful and not even God can stop you from success. You have the power over the gods and goddesses. Higher nature is above gods and goddesses, so you have power over them. You are not a slave, not possessed, not a miserable personality.

When you develop yourself, you are a Master of your life, over the forces of life, over the cosmic forces of nature, over the Neters. You are more than a Neter. Not enslaved to them! However, everything works best when working WITH them, in ALIGNMENT to the Goodness of our existence. Life, afterlife, here, there, now and then.

Mastery over Nature itself. The Illusion Can Be Poisoned. This should give the aspirant lots of hope and the capacity to feel empowered. Feel an inner joy, power and glory that is possible, that is the goal.

Human Beings are the Heir to the Throne of Enlightenment. Not by begging. It is our right, our birthright because we are emanations of that Same Divine Self.

2. Important Points: RA

Life Force is emanating all over the world, but not everyone experiences the Sun in the same way at the same time. When Ra Tem is getting old and dripping spittle, Utter prayers to Atum at Sunset facing West, collecting the Energy. Allow the Life Force Energy to gather in you. 

Ra was overtaken by the poison, the way the land was overtaken by the flooding of the Nile. Damming the River affected the Snows of Kilimanjaro, and soon, the Nile and the Lake will dry up too.

God, Great caused firmness to himself. He Steeled himself to firm himself up. In a moment of strength, he was able to calm his heart, stop vibrating, stop shaking long enough so he could speak.

Vs 45 asks: how can this happen to a Prince, who is the Son of a prince? He still has no idea what happened. But we were taught that Ra is King of Creation, yet he calls himself a Prince??? Ra is Supreme being, how can he be a Prince? Usually, a Prince is the Son of a King.

Vs 46: Ra is an emission created through the Divine Self. Gods and goddesses are emissions of Ra and Ra is an emission of some (other) Divinity. 

Neter: the symbol itself is symbol of Genderless Divinity, without form, nondescript. Ra is saying he is a male divinity that comes from the Neter. 

We have the power to bring down the illusion, of poisoning the illusion of creation, when we allow the mind to be poisoned by Aset, by our Divine Intuition. 

Ra is the Son of a Great One. The Essence of My Father is My Name

Ra lets us know that he is Great Prince. If we know the True name of Ra, we will know the essence of Divinity. The Divinity placed in Ra. Neter An Ren, who we call Neberdjer. The name that even Ra cannot say.

From the Power of the True Source, Ra was able to bring many creations into form. All Creation is made with Ra Stuff, by fashioning from his body, which is made of Nun. Even thoughts, composed of subtle matter are also created by Ra. Everything, other than Ra himself, is made from the body of Ra. All things are Ra, manifesting as Creation due to the ignorance of the Higher Self. Ra’s reflections manifest in the forms of gods and goddesses. 

Temu, the ender of things. 

Heru Hekanu, who is the Singer of Divine Glories, that was spoken to My father. 
Heru calls out to the Truth of Creation, Hekanu. 
Temu: a concluder, the closer. when something is complete.

An Image of Heru Hekanu is on the Temple of Aset Mat.
Sebai says that Ra’s Father shared these teachings with us for our benefit, to have these things pointed out to us.

What is the significance of Ra’s name? “My Mother spoke my name and hid it in my constitution, in my very being itself.” 
The name must be hidden to prevent some other being from gaining power and using it to
create other illusions, aside from the one that Mother Father intended. The name was hidden to protect someone from misusing the power. 

Tem: not allowed to be completed, not given authority to have dominion over Ra. No one unworthy of the Power would be allowed to gain the power, to gain dominion over Ra, over Creator, over Creation. Ra’s Dominion. 

Vs 52: someone could gain power of the secret words and be able to use them over Ra, too. Hidden Hekau or Heka that can be used. Become a personality with knowledge about the effective user of the power and use this power over Ra. 

Vs 53 Ra is not the Ultimate Power. 
Uninitiated see Ra as the Supreme
The Initiated see Ra as a Projection of the Ultimate Essence Beyond forms of time and space. Ra is concerned that the Power might be revealed and could be used as Power over him.

This reflection is what purifies ariyu and creating a Khak Ab Mind. And, will allow you to direct Self more and more, and see Ra in a different Light, and develop Vast Spiritual Strength and Conquer Physical Life. 
Develop Khak Ab aspects of the personality.

The scripture does not use the term Neberdjer. It uses the term Neter. Pa Neter, Father Mother God. Atef Mut. 

We can consider Ra as the Effective Conduit and The Supreme Being as the Ultimate Cause. 

3. Important Points: Lady Aset

Aset: what is the best way to satisfy my needs? Reject the Path of Human Beings. What is the highest path for human beings? Start focusing the mind on the Whole Idea of Ra. 
New focus is on the Personality of Ra.

a. She Studied the Journey of Ra.
b. She fashions the Taffy Shepsy

c. She studies Ra, and realizes that he always emanates this Life Force Energy, even at Sunset. 

Aset had left the serpent in the Middle of the Road. The Power of Aset is that which brings and transforms.

In the story about Aset, when she was searching for Asar and ended up taking care of the King’s baby. One day, when Aset was purifying the baby, ie placing in the fire, in efforts to bring out his immortality, the Queen Mother walked in and screamed. The Cry of the Mother symbolizes the Cry of the Ego, of Fear. 

When having a meditation or insightful time, in a moment when you fear you are going to lose yourself, or fall into a boundless abyss. That is your ego calling you back, when you get too close to the oneness, or see the deception of the ego. When the ego fears its own destruction. It will find a way to distract you and bring you back to the lower frequencies, the world of time and space. 

The chirping, the uttering of the words and the understanding their meaning, resounding them in your mind is the power of the wisdom teachings. The Power of Aset that transforms a mortal personality into an Immortal Being. The Fire of Wisdom, with a special Sekhem that purifies. Say the Chants, Study the texts, say again, repeat, focus on visualizations and illustrations. This is a way to Ta Mi Ra, Be Like Ra. Become One With Ra.

This is the Story of How Lady Aset Regained the Knowledge of Self. It Lights and makes a Way for us to Do the Same.
Dua Aset. Dua Sebai MAA. Dua Seba Dja. Hotep

Shems Arit