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Sehu Khepera

Gottman Assignment:

I recently had a situation that could have potentially cause an issue. Last year I came ill with a respiratory disorder that no doctor could readily identify, its cause or nature. After some investigations it was found that I was exposed to mold and fertilize which cause the episodes of shortness of breath. This was jus prior to my 2018 trip to Egypt where I was taking some students to study Ancient Egyptian Medicine (AEM) and become initiated in to the Sunnu path.

I travelled to New York about a week prior to the trip to seek medical advice for the issue. By the grace of Asar Maat I had a place to stay and someone to take me around to doctors to find out how to best handle the issue and come up with a solution prior to the trip.

I went to an emergency room where I took a chest x-ray and it was found that my lungs were clear, and there was no permanent damage. I was advised to seek advice from a primary care physician or an allergist. We went to an allergist who performed a test and the technician was surprised that, according to her, “you have a lot of chemicals in your body.” She was surprised because there was a copious amount.

The physician gave me some pills and an inhaler and that was it from them. We saw two more physicians and the routine was primarily the same, no damage to the lungs, take these pills and here is an inhaler if it happens again, and the warning, “get out of that house.” Well with some research and medical advice from the Kemetic pharmacopeia and Seba Dja’s advice of onion soup and Sebai Maa’s advice of Intravenous Vitamin C (had to make my own infusion as there was not enough time to make an appointment), my health got better and was able to travel to Egypt.

When I came back to St. Croix, I had to leave the house because the landlords were unable, due to their own life difficulties to take care of the house appropriately so then I decided to move, which is a blessing, so Goddess Net was conspiring all along.
When I got back to work, I went not the employee health (EH) department to seek further advice and to ask if I could be exempt from the PPD test that is required on a yearly basis. It was quickly apparent that the nurse could not offer any reasonable nor tangible solution to my health issue. After being told no, that I could not opt out of the PPD test, I complied with the procedure but did not feel right about it, I felt I was once again putting my health at risk by introducing the PPD antibodies and chemicals that are in the serum in to my body once again, after the painstaking time and energy to rid my physical nature of the heavy metals and chemical soup that was in my (the soul’s vehicle) body from various sources. So, a year went by and last week I was called by employee health to do my annual PPD. On the phone, I once again reiterated my position and asked if I could be exempt from the test. The EH nurse exclaimed that we should have a conversation about it, in other words a meeting.
While preparing for the meeting, about five minutes prior, I stood by myself and took a deep breath, recalled to memory of not only the Gottman techniques but philosophies and advice from sages Amenemope and Ptah Hotep. In the meeting, in a calm voice, I once again reiterated my concerns, explained my health issue and made it a point not to isolate the test as the primary causative issue. My position was athat a direct correlation between the test and my ill health could not be drawn, but that I believe it is a contributing factor. The nurse appreciated the fair objective analysis, in other words she could not find an argument if one was not given, meaning, I did not insult the test, question its efficacy nor her professionalism, but put it out as more of a finding of truth of the situation. And when she spoke and gave her point of view, as Ptah Hotep says, give an open ear, so I listened to her honestly and validated her concerns while re-stating my own concerns for my health, but only after she had done spoken. She then asked me questions about the type of patients I see, and in what context. So, we, together analyzed my patient contact and she came to the conclusion that it would not be a problem to be exempt from the test if I were to agree to submit the results of my chest x-ray. She then handed me the form to fill out, I filled it out, assured her I will obtain the results and submit them and we said our good byes with no incident.

And I thought this was good because I’ve seen this person upset before, slamming doors. So, in this case the idea of hearing her out, validating her concerns and not attacking her personally nor attacking the test itself, but offering an objective view of the situation which offers a detached mode of communication in which the arising of any passions is sublimated, not only in myself but in her as well. The teachings offer us the opportunity to not only sublimate our own egos, but pacifies the ego of the other as well to the extent possible.

For quite some time now I have not entertained or engaged in any heated argumentation. I would like this to remain the way it is and continue with my spiritual studies and teachings. Admitteldy, things have not always been this way, but after years of personal cunsel and trying to take advice from Sebai MAA, things have turned towards the better (sun-light of shining spirit).

Dua Sebai MAA,