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Anpu Waset

Asr Anpu Waset

Lecture 1

Part 1 Reflections – It’s my understanding that the purpose of this series of lectures is to assist spiritual seekers with being able to recognize one’s own ego and one’s own egoism. Hence the main issue that resonated with me in Lecture 1, which I think would resonate with other spiritual initiates, is the concept/reality of “Sau.” The word Sau is an obstruction that weakens or cuts off the connection between conscious awareness and one’s unconscious thereby allowing thoughts and ideas to be based on and controlled by ego without input from higher ethical awareness through spiritual connection to the deeper self.

I found it interesting that Sebai Maa did not mention this spiritual teaching at the beginning of the lecture. Instead it was done towards the end. At the beginning Sebai first discussed and defined Ethical Conscience/Maat which is the recognition that the entire creation is a production of the one transcendental being hence nothing is more/less important than anything else. To live outside this reality is itself unrighteous.

He then discussed egoism and the current un-maatian practices that are normal today. Egoism was defined as any manipulation for one’s own material gain regardless of the affect this manipulation has on others or the environment.

This background was necessary before introducing “Sau” because the unmindful way that life is lived today itself creates the obstruction/Sau. Without this understanding the spiritual teaching cannot be applied because Sau can lead a person to carry on with egoistic thoughts and not know that they are being egoistic and even repudiate ethical conscience causing one to forget that there is a Higher self and that one is connected to that Higher self.

Thus, the reason I find the concept of Sau to be important because “All” on the spiritual path at some point have unconsciously had Set masquerading as Heru and not known it. Therefore, “All” can benefit from its teachings.

Part 2 – (True/False Question)

Ethical conscience means “being able to consciously live in the imbalance on the basis of the recognition of a universal spiritual reality” which will enable you to act on truth vs falsehood and egoism. (5-6 minute)