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Lesson 2: Part 1 – Reflection/Summary
Uab Soshen Amuntyt
In lesson 2 Sebai Maa gets into the actual teachings (verses) of Sage Amenemope. The goal of these teachings is to help us live well by examining human behavior. Sage Amenemope was a great man with a very impressive background in the service of Temple. I am finding that when you are in service to something other than the ego you can reflect on loftier things than the petty self/ego. In Verse 1 Sage Amenemope is advising us to control the fire in our belly by controlling our tongue and to pause before speaking. Many times I use to feel the need to speak on things to people who I know were set in their ways. It would end in a heated debate with no clear winners since the rise of the emotions made any point to be made moot. I now know that it would have been wiser for me to just be silent and have a conversation with people more receptive to my values.
One of the great teachings in this lesson is that it is not necessary to help everybody. If one is able to help with the basics of life such as food, shelter, clothing and opportunity that is good and one should. But part of the wisdom teachings that the individual you are trying to help cannot accept or the capacity to understand, then that must be left to the “hands of God.” I’ve met many people during my sojourn that struggle with emotional issues that morphed over to other areas of their life. I found that even when they agreed with my advice they did not have the capacity to make the necessary changes/correction in their life (of course that has been the same for me – not able to heed wise counsel). It was clear that they would have to suffer through their issues until their God within is awakened to guide them in the proper direction for their spiritual growth.
Part 2: Question
Another thing good in the heart of God: To _____________ before speaking. (pause)
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