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Lesson 1: Part 1 – Reflection/Summary
Soshen Amuntyt
In this lesson, Sebai Maa sets the foundation for the teachings of Sage Amenemope. The concepts of ethics will be expounded through the teachings of Amenemope. The key question to explore will be how does one grow in ethical consciousness? How does one act on truth instead of egoism? The ethics of egoism manifests as manipulation for personal egoistic gains through a variety of methods such as drugs, the creation of intentional poverty, entertainment distractions, propaganda, dopamine hits with multimedia outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.
Ethical consciousness demands to live by the Oneness of Existence. When one lives by the ethical consciousness of the Oneness of Existence one could never be part of any actions that would intentionally injure another. But what are the driving forces for one to act otherwise? One can clearly understand how the unjust wars such as the Iraq war did not exemplify an ethical consciousness. In this introductory lesson, Sebai Maa gives plenty examples of corruption of America and then pivoted with examples of individual corruptions which lead to suffering such as the eating of bad food which leads to decay in health, or sending our children to war which could lead to traumatic personal suffering for the individual and their families.
I look forward to the deep dive that Sebai Maa will expound on with Amenemope’s teachings. The Amenemope teachings will help me flush out who is in control of my mind and what is righteousness versus unrighteousness. This should help me control and understand why negative aspects of my unconscious mind that may still manifest unexpectedly. Negative aspects that I thought were purified by practicing aspects of the teachings on a consistent basis. Sebai Maa describes this as the cunningness of Set (our ego) which can masquerade as Heru.
Part 2: Question
Shetaut Neter is based on the duality of Life. True/False
Video Marker: about 50 minutes