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Lesson 10 Kist the important points covered in this lesson

Sebai begins with a review and continuation from where lesson 9 left off. Ra tried to deceive Aset and she asked for his divine name. While Ra continued to give her all the illusory titles.
Sebai further said 99% of the people see the world as solid with their gross sense lacking the wisdom, experience, preceptorship and introspection to go deeper. The world conceives the soul as a “ secretion of the body” and needs life physical birth to have a soul. On the contrary, one needs the soul in order to have physical birth.For further reflection Sebai asked, “Where does the akh go when one dies? Where is the “life” that once animated the body, why does it leave the body?
The Ba and Akh as we learned in 2018 conference goes on once it has no more interest in the body. So as Ra told Aset about all of the tangible aspects of life including the gods and goddesses we are reminded as aspirants not to be overly concerned with the exoteric aspects of the manifestations of creation but to “probe deeper”. For the heart of Ra is Djehuty the cosmic mind, meaning the world is mental and therefore Ra is a mental/astral projection of the divine. Knowing this Aset pushes on insisting to know the divine behind the projection so to speak.

Vs 97-98 :Aset listened to the “whole catalog of things” Ra is proudly declaring but she declared in return she did not “hear” his divine name.
Aset holds still as the poison continues to do its work. Sebai tied antet begag and un chen here explaining that in order to bring forth intuitional wisdom one must be “sick of it” but ALSO must not give the world a break. However, for those who still want to enjoy life, then delusion is necessary to have that worldly enjoyment but one should go for it until satisfied.

Vs 99-100 Aset still pushing on and instructs Ra and aspirants alike that the poison is removed and life is restored to a person who affirms their divine name. Aspirants who adore Gods name and approach it with wisdom will go through the exoteric process but again there is a deeper process that is neither characterized by a strong desire to die nor a strong desire to die but a patient yet steady vertical movement.

Vs 101- 102 Because of the heat of the poison flaring up Ra relents and the lower meditation ends as the goal of the Taffy Shepsy is achieved in disarming Ra.The delusion cannot be sustained anymore’

Sebai explained that the Taffy Shepsy is not a one time event. The poison IS the one pointedness that continues to work once Ra is pierced. Aset has pierced her way through to the spirit level.
We have often heard of and/or experienced different regions in the Duat which are different states of being.

To find the Divine Name/Asar depends on one’s state of being, your wisdom, purity of heart, level of relentlessness and pursuit and ethical conscience. Without ethics one may reach a high level but be considered a demon.
The Divine name therefore is a state of being one must achieve which creation obstructs on many levels but also protects fatally until one’s life force energy is so strong and pure and powerful as to overtake it and sends it back into the creative pool, the primordial ocean of unformed matter.

Vs 104-105 Ra opened up and Aset merged into the primordial ocean and became one with Nebedjer,her divine essence, the all encompassing divinity without form where the laws of physics does not exist. In time and space only this essence remains, Intuition. Nebedjer becomes Intuition and also sustains time and space as Ra, Neter Neterty.

Vs 106-108 A compact is made.
When creation rises what also rise from the heart is the aspiration to know its essence. This aspiration will be aided by wisdom and intuition to become focused and powerful enough to penetrate the illusion and know the truth. Wisdom is always there to assist you. Why is this pact `necessary? Your divine intuition knows there will be a time when the aspiration of the human consciousness will rise/expand beyond the mere programming for survival. In this case, wisdom and intuition will be key to the success of the aspirations fight to break the illusion of creation that cloud the glorious light from reflecting through it. By tying creation to aspiration insures that in order for creation to exist there must be enlightened beings in it that disseminate divine light. Without wisdom and intuition creation could no longer exist in its illusory, yet seemingly orderly form.

Vs 109 Only after this pact is made does Aset banish the poison and cures Ra ( allows form to continue to emerge from the unformed matter, the source of its existence and function having been discovered.

Vs 110-111 Gives insights into the Eye of Heru. Is Heru also Neter Neterty, a dual divinity having one golden eye of fire, an original spirit and one of water a reflection of spirit? The divine essence will not only manifest as the hidden aspect of creation and reach us from the masked / face man aspect via its rays, but the divine light is born within all aspirants peeking through brighter and brighter as one’s consciousness and ethical conscience expands.

Vs 112- 114 Aset did it, not the ego. The divine essence did it. Nuk A- I am divine declared Aset. Concentrated vital life force energy flows through creation as the poison being removed. All is divine. The underlying essence of all is being experienced as intuitional realization of the divine. Lady Aset knows herself as all encompassing. There is no need for one pointed focus as all is the essence. Lifting the poison out of Ra I understand to mean life force energy is no longer concentrated on penetrating one point but instead saturates the entire creation. Sebai says,“The goal of life is achieved” and “the magician is not fooled by his own magic so creation can continue without deluding her.”

Vs 115-16 Djed n a ren a k were the magic words/feelings/intent that put Ra under a spell to break it down and the words Ra ankh f metut mer restored it so others can continue in the delusion until their aspiration is born to fight and become Ra in the physical realm.

Vs Sebai instructs anyone who wishes to follow this path should proclaim these words over an image of Ra and Heru and also over Aset and Heru.