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Audio – This lecture is about how to conduct yourself:
• Washing before coming into the Temple this later developed into the baptismal,
• Cleanse physically, mouth/ speech, and mind,
• No sex, meat, worldly possessions, cell phones,
• Seating postures are crossed legged, lotus, half lotus, sitting on a chair with your legs together, sitting on the ground with your feet together, this will lead to wakefulness and attentiveness, do not extend your feet towards the sage or divinity, do not slouch or lay down because that will lead to slumber,
• The shrine is only open to initiates,
• No worldly clothing,
• Hygiene is the utmost importance: body, speech, and mind.
• Your mind has to be constantly turned towards the divine in a balanced way,
• Shemsu is a follower or devotee, shety is the study and penetration of the mysteries: this develops enlightenment.
• Greet spiritual preceptor with htp and hands coming together (dua), greeting each other with a htp and bow is the etiquette,
• Seba means preceptor or star/illuminator force: student receives illuminating from the teacher,
• Business like and detached attitude inside the Temple, but friendly towards one another, we’re here to learn the teachings,
• Learn the chants by heart, sistrums, and drums,
• Be proper ambassadors of the teachings.