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Introduction to Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality workbook pp 149 – 163
1. The process of yoga is integral.
2. The Yoga of Meditation controls the feeling directed towards the Divine.  False
3. What is the one critical factor every aspirant should understand? How to balance the day to day reality with the teaching that is being learned.
4. How should an aspirant think about their personal practice, how much importance to assign to it and what should they do about taking the time to make the threefold observances when at work, and home, around others who follow other traditions, or when nobody knows what they are doing? An aspirant should think about their personal practice as truly living life. The personal practice is #1 on the list and gets done before anything else. The threefold observances are doable; excuse yourself from company and go practice.
5. The Daily Worship Program consists of 3 worships during the day.
6. Choose an icon according to your spiritual inclination.
7. Describe the “Hetep Slab”: The Hetep Slab or Offering Table is typically composed of a stone slab with male, thigh, and female, duck, symbols carved into the top, along with the symbol of Supreme Peace, or Hetep, which consists of a loaf of bread, and an offering mat, which was composed of woven reeds (in pre-dynastic times), and two libation vessels.
8. You should try not to come in to the temple harboring thoughts of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, and so forth.
9. Write a brief essay on how to conduct oneself in the temple: You are to be cleansed physically before coming into the temple. In addition to being cleansed physically, you are to be cleansed in your mouth, speech, and mind. You do not have sex before coming into the temple either. Lastly, don’t come with worldly possessions and do not carry your cellphone. When you are clean and with the right clothing, you are allowed in to the courtyard of the temple. The first thing that you do is prostrate yourself before the divine image and greet the priest or priestess. Greet the preceptor with HTP and the dua posture. Greet each other with HTP and a bow.
10. What is the meaning of the term Seba? Preceptor or star; illuminating force, a shining object.
11. Name the different ways one can sit in the temple: one is the cross-legged posture, the lotus posture, or the half lotus posture. The other posture is sitting on a chair with your legs together and your hands on both sides of your thighs that one is allowed also if you need to. Another one is sitting on the ground with your feet together as if you were sitting on a chair, with your feet together or the same posture and grasping your legs side to side and holding your legs together. You do not extend your feet forward and you do not slough over or lay down. Another posture is sitting on your knees and your heels.