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UDJA Just a few questions
1 Are we alone in the vast cosmos?

2 Ever since I was young I have heard the story of king tut and when researching 10 years ago I was referred to a website called Biblical origins in Egypt where the had a diagram and said many kings went by biblical names in the bible which they said king tut was jesus. there were many more comparisons but that was the most interesting to me could talk about this please? because I had stopped believing in jesus at that point in my life but something just resonated with me.

3 I have done some studying on global warming, climate change, ancient lost civilizations and ancient technology from your work and others. I came across someone named corey goode who said there will be a solar flash that will take earth from 3rd density to 4th density and it may cause different global events to earth. could you throw some light on this?

4 There are stories in other cultures of divine beings like devas in India and some in greek mythology and others around the world. the more I study and meditate I am starting to believe that are many highly evolved beings that have been on earth in the past and here in the present possibly many in my life and maybe some beings out there not so benevolent. I usually keep these things to myself but I figured this a good chance to get an answer.