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Introduction to Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality workbook pp 127 – 147
1. When your body is motionless and you are thinking and feeling, you are mostly associated with hour mind.
2. The normal state of human consciousness cannot be considered as “whole” or complete.
3. Philosophically, anything that is not continuous and abiding cannot be considered as real.
4. Do not eat at least 2 hours before mediation.
5. When you feel anger or other negative qualities, what should you do? Recite the hekau and visualize its energy and the deity associated with it destroying the negativity within you.
6. As intuitional vision of your all-encompassing nature dawns in your heart, you will be able to look beyond what? All the different sizes, shapes, sexes, and colors of people and recognize your higher self as the basis for their existence.
7. What is the Kemetic term for Devotion? Ushet
8. If religion and yoga are practiced at the lower levels only, what is the result? Dogmas and intellectualism.
9. The Egyptian Yoga Book Series has been put together in such a fashion as to offer what? Every individual a specific discipline as well as an integrated method to practice all forms of yoga while at the same time advancing through the three stages of religion.
10. How should an aspirant think about their prospects to follow an integral path of Sema Tawi – Kemetic Yoga? An aspirant should think about their prospect as becoming a pure vessel for the teaching so they may be able to understand it.
11. The four aspects of the personality are Emotion, Reason, Action, and Will.
12. The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the emotional aspect of the personality.
13. Describe the 4 main paths of yoga practice. Devotional love targets your emotions, wisdom targets reasoning, action targets movement and behavior, and meditation targets will.
14. Integral yoga gives you the opportunity to practice yoga at all times  True