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File GS 12-An evening with Sebai Maa Seba Dja Why is Shetaut Neter important_3576833mp3
Audio Assignment
The main teaching of the audio lecture video:
People do things in life to be satisfied and to seek worldly desires such as drugs, relationships,sex,religion, and spiritual paths.
Shetaut Neter is an authentic path to fullfillment.Unlike traditional religion where you go to church or the masjid,and you get that good felling while present inside the churches or masjids,but once outside that environment they go back to the stress of the worldly things.
Happiness in time and space is not abiding because it comes with pain and pleasures.
Through shetaut neter we are seeking the source of abiding happiness, a happiness that stays with one no matter what life brings and this can be accomplished through the shedy disciplines.This can also be accomplished through a holistic integral approach which leads the aspirants to abiding peace,in a harmonious way that leads to less pain and suffering.
Through integration we must deal with our mental aspect, emotionmal aspect the phsical and the spiritual.
Purifcation of the personality is a prerequisite in order to be a vessal to the studies.Purifying your fellings, emotions and your phsical nature by turning to a vegetarian diet and practicing meditation.
I am currently implementing the three daily worships.The formal and in formal meditation.The practice that I am not currently implementing are the physical yoga positions.I’ll start practicing by learning one position at a time, as well as do devotional worship through singing and chanting by doing it no matter where I may be either vocally ro silently.