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Lesson 9 Response to Shems Yashi post # 19393

Udja Shems Yashi. In reading your post I really appreciated the way you brought out some essential points for further reflection in the following quotes:

Paragraph 2
“This non movement opens the spiritual field to be pierced to bring the inner beauty of the divine to the forefront of ones being.”

This is a very beautiful expression. It also reinforces that the beauty of the divine is there already but is expanding in ones consciousness. The use of your word “being” gives an indication of fullness as opposed to consciousness which can be confused with a mental experience.

Paragraph 4
“Wisdom has infused spiritual dynamism of Ra with a little of her own life force essence to create the Taffy Shepsy. Sebai notes that without this it wouldn’t work ………. this is the tem ritual, a turning toward the divine. This hetep movement is one of depolarization.”

This is an interesting way to detail the ingredients of the Taffy Shepsy, usually recalled as mixing spirit and matter. The Tem Ritual is such an important process as you sated, yet we know that Aset did not just do “a ritual”, rather her whole life process of transforming her personality into something beyond time and space seem to be is that ritual. Dua for highlighting the term spiritual dynamism. I will look further into its meaning.

Paragraph 5
“As Ra continues to lament about his sensory experience of being bitten, Seai notes Ra is a (“mess”), Aset asks for his name with the hekau…..”

Even though Ra is a “mess” and Lady Aset is a healer, she didn’t feel sorry for her “patient” and relented. He caused it on himself yet she was not without compassion. She knew there was another aspect of Ra that is outside of creation and that his apparent suffering is an illusion so this line gave further insight to her wisdom. Dua for bringing this out,

Paragraph 8
“He ( Sebai) also notes Ra would be a propagandist from a current point of view. This is one who is ignorant, ties to time and space, believing it’s real. This includes seeing individualization, polarization, feeling as if when the physical body dies, there is loss/sadness.”

I missed the term propagandist in the lecture. Dua for expanding on it here. It was interesting to see Ra described in this way, as ignorant, believing it’s real,,,etc. To spread propaganda, promote untruth intentionally and be ignorant of the truth at the same time does put creation in a new light for me. Yeah, it needs to be pierced. Yeah and it be its own fault.

Dua for your postings and insights.