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Lesson 9 Which hieroglyphic term(s) covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The term that caught my attention the most from the lesson is Djed n-a ren-a k “tell to me your true name,” words by Aset to Ra. A feeling of joyful surprise came over me when this verse and words were presented. Maybe because we had been chanting it for some time in our private devotion, TOA course and weekly devotions I had somewhat “forgotten” that we hadn’t gotten to it as yet in the actual scripture. We had essentially been asking Ra to reveal its true name all along. I felt like I was actually hearing Aset chant the words to Ra. I felt like I was Aset and Ra was everything around me that I was confronting to tell me it’s true name.
I was looking at thin air knowing it was full of Ra, knowing it was full of atoms and particles and sounds and knowing that hidden in it all is the true name. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply for as long as I could chanting mentally Djed n-a ren-a k.
I opened my eyes feeling I am Aset. Is her/my Taffy Shepsy capable of striking Ra. Is My personality as Aset’s yet at this stage in her quest. I reflected on early assignments where we described Lady Aset’s personality. She is brave, confident, obedient, defiant, committed, relentless, unattached. I am Aset and everything is Ra. i (humurously) caught eyes with all the inanimate objects in view, they are too Ra, they too have the true name unbeknownst to them. I am Ra, hidden within “ me” is the name, the essence. Suddenly a story with only two characters Aset and Ra became a story of one,. Aset
Aset declares there is ,” divine life to those who affirms their personality.” To truly live, one must know their true name, discover who they really are. All her work on her personality has brought her to this one point. Without knowing ones divine name, one is therefore not alive, an illusion. I refrained here from saying one is dead until further reflection and discussion. If one does not know ones divine name, it does not change the essence of who one is. Also the Soul that enlivens all is unaffected by ones knowing or ignorance. But what is as good as dead is the many attributes of the ego personality one believes is the true name which will go through countless dying and reincarnating until one knows their own (and all) abiding nature.

Philosophically speaking, I can say I am Aset all day long and accept this as true. However, there was a moment when I “felt” that I am Aset that also soon recognized a presents of doubt. What I need to work on and integrate more into my personality are the attributes of Aset, particularly to not be intimidated about whether I am qualified to be Aset but to be Aet, to affirm this continually and confidently while doing the work laid out by the sages- preceptors. Ra made several attempts to entice her with the sexual powers obtainable within creation. He also tried to intimidate her by telling her ,”not even the gods and goddesses knows my divine name.” She was unapologetic and pressed on with Djed n-a ren-a k.