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Bastu Yashi

Which hieroglyphic term in this lesson was most captivating to you and why?

Zer sa zer, meaning nobility or royalty – particularly, spiritual royalty is a scriptural term of importance to me. Sebai Maa notes that the term, “z er” means, “Great noble one,” and is one of the 75 names of Ra, and also refers to Asar. He notes that Ra’s statement, “zer sa zer,” meaning, “I am a prince from noble birth who is the son of a noble,” alludes to the fact that Ra comes from something greater – he is not the Ultimate God, but a descendent thereof.


Zer sa zer is particularly important to me in that it reflects how the illusion of time and space can be very misleading, especially when enmeshed in sensory stimulation/identification. Also, that the true initiate must work in a divinely wise way to cultivate khak ab, antet begag, with An chen, to develop the taffy shepsy, to ultimately poison this illusion. The journey of Aset and her example of unrelentlessly seeking, “something greater,” the true name of the divine, and ultimately accomplishing this spiritual goal is inspiring to me to continue developing my Shedy practice to continue developing my taffy shepsy accordingly. Dua, htp,

Shems Yashi