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Lesson 9 List the important points covered in this lecture.

Sebai opens this lesson with the kneading and sculpting of the Taffy Shepsy from verse 19 and 20.
There is a kneading and a chipping process. Chipping was likened to a rock in a river. It requires being diligent but not over doing it. It allows one to see the beauty in the application of the teachings, the see it in an artful way exercising forgiveness, understanding and relentlessness. Kneading brings the Taffy Shepsy into a completion state and into a state of inactivity, back to an original state. The defining characteristic of creation is movement.

Within the heart (cosmic mind) of creation, words of power, defined as desire begins a knotting/weaving. This weaving of the essence of the Nun eventually sets quantum gravity in motion. The universe, time and space, therefore is mental. Getting rid of any aspect of mind will bring an absence of movement. This leads to an expansion beyond time and space, which Sebai calls the piercing.

Chipping away and softening the mind into one pointed focus is important but so is molding and kneading the personality to not get caught again in the passions of the world.

Verse 71-96.
The title of verse 71-78 indicates that Aset practiced right action and wisdom by biting creation. Sebai reiterates the Ra/Creation sets the rules of creation so whatever happened to him is his own fault and Aset is in her rights ( Shedy Maat) to shatter his delusion.
The knotting process that begins the creation process continues through creation as the materials of creation continue to combine and dissolve in time and space. This gives and illusion that creation happens on it’s own. As man manipulates the materials in time and space it also gives rise to the self willed personality. However, Ra explains in future verses that nothing in time and space exists and operates but by him. When asked his divine name, he says:

I am the creator of all heavenly and earthly realms.
I am the inter-weaver, constructor, knotter of the mountain and all physical creation.
I am the one who puts together interconnects and creates things and brings them into existence on himself.
I am the maker of the waters of creation and the one who brought it it’s existence.
I am the one who acts as the one who engenders creation by implementing his body, just a s a bull impregnates a cow.
I am the fabricator of the heavens and the one who is the source of the one who is the source of the mysteries of the divinities of the two horizons.
I am the one who gives souls to all the gods and goddesses and places it within each of their bodies.
I am the one that when he opens his eyes there is the shining of light that comes into existence, the light that shines all over the earth.
I am the one responsible for pushing the Nile along.
I am the maker of time itself.
I am also the one who brings days into existence.
I am as well the opener of festivals and annual rituals.
I am the creator of rivers, lakes, the flooding of the Nile basin, seasons, oceans.
I am behind all those things.
I am the maker of the fire of life, the life force , the energy which is used in causing the coming into being of works that go on in warehouses, homes, offices, and buildings.
I am Kheperu in the morning, Ra the sustainer in noon and Tem the completor into the evenings.
From all that Ra says he is and knows himself as, there is nothing that exists in time and space nor operates outside of his commands. Ra too has a self willed aspect that leaves room for penetration.
In verse 84, Ra says he is the ka-n-mut f, the bull of his mother. Sebai referenced the mythological images of Ra masturbating in his own hand or bending over with his penis in his own mouth to symbolize creation coming into being from one place, from Ra who contains both male and female essence within itself.

But, underlying all is the Soul which Ra placed within all bodies in verse 86. The Soul is in eternal existence, beyond time and space, beyond duality.

When Ra was bitten, he did not see what bit him but described it as not hot nor cold, neither fire nor water, but something in between, beyond duality.
Movement has periods of stopping. You breath in pause then out pause,for example. There is space in between. That space is not empty as Sebai taught and physics demonstrates and meditation reveals that. Hidden inside of Ra is his divine name which Aset seeks. Her personality chipped away and kneaded into the Taffy Shepsy has lost its duality, polarization, and has become still, not moving.

Aset continued relentlessly in mediation to insist on Ra’s divine name as the poison continues to kill it. She will not relieve it’s pain nor be awed by awed by all his necessity is creating, sustaining and renewing creation. If creation collapses without him it is of no threat to her, she has gone beyond its attachments.