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Level 1 Lesson 1- Video Assignment Intro to SN. short part 1b.mp4.

2-List the important themes presented:

*Shetaut Neter the ancient religion of Africa/Kemet.
*Before all other civilizations or religions Kemet was already ancient.
*Heru Am Akhet is the world oldest religious structure.
*The gods and goddesses are our doorway into deeper spirituality.
*Cosmic forces are the neteru.
*Studying the neteru gives insight into piece of the divine creator.
*We are practicing a highly elevated science called pantheism, one Supreme Being encompassing all.
*Images shape the mind to help us understand the properties or power or cosmic force of that divinity.
*Three important principles of religion.
*The goal of neterian culture is nehast.
*The four disciplines of shedy.
*Lord Kepri brought the world into creation.
*The importance of the kemetic diet.
*Worship to be practice 3x a day.
*The union of the lower and higher self.
*Zoomorphic-Anthromorphic Iconography.
*Shetuat Neter mean hidden divinity.

3-What impress me the most is that Heru symbolizes the enlightened spiritual aspirations and the challenging and redeeming quality of the personality. Set symbolizes the evil/ignorance of out life. Heru and Set are the two main challengers in spirituality and represent the higher and lower self of the personality. If they are brought into union and harmonize there can be a resurrection of Asar our soul which has been killed by Set.