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Introduction into Egyptian yoga & Neterian Spirituality Workbook

1) What is the relations between the Egyptians and Ethiopians?
*The ancient Egyptians recorded that they were originally a colony of Ethiopians from the south that came to the north part of Africa.

2) What is yoga philosophy?
*Egyptian religion Shetaut Neter a philosophy system which was developed in Africa over several thousand years ago which leads to a union with the individual insight onto their own divine nature.

3) What is initiation?
*Initiation is embarking on a journey of spiritual living which will lead to enlightenment.

4) How does the kemetic yoga counselor help the seeker?
*The yoga counselor explains misconceptions and illusions about spirituality and dispels subtle forms of ignorance and guides the aspirant to attain mastery over the lower nature.

5) How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
*Aspirants-awakening of the spiritual self. Becoming conscious of the divine presence within one’s self and the universe by having faith that there is a spiritual essence beyond ordinary human understanding.
*Striving-purgation of the self. Purification of mind, and body through spiritual discipline. The aspirant tries to totally surrender “personal” identity or ego to the divine universal self.
*Established-illumination of the intellect is experience and appreciation of the divine presence during reflection and meditation, union with the divine self.