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1) I would describe my knowledge of religion and philosophy as traditional and fundamental.

2) I would see as my greatest obstacle to my happiness and fulfillment in life being my beliefs and ignorance of who I really am.

3) My most important need is to accomplish the three levels of aspirants.

4) I started my spiritual journey in spirituality as a Muslim believing that there is only one god who name was Allah. I tried to follow the myths and rituals but always felt something missing. I would pray and go through the motions, listening to the sermons, but once I left the mosque there was an emptiness. I then started studying Afrocentric literature and going to meetings. I heard everyone speak from Dr. Ben to Dr. Anthony Browder, those meetings were uplifting but still my spirit was missing something. Then I became involved in the Kemet Organization but could not grasps the concept of the gods and goddesses. I was so confused. I fell back into society until I picked up the book The Kemetic Tree of Life. It sparked a light off in my mind and everything started to come together. I started understanding the concept of the gods and goddesses. I’m still in the learning stages but now I can see a path to what I’ve been searching for, through Shetaut Neter and the Shedy disciplines, and authentic spiritual path.

5) Religion and spirituality play an important role in my life, it makes me whole and centers me.

6) No, I have not had any previous yoga instruction.

7) No, I have not received any advanced religious instruction.

8) I see my life as a spiritual journey that is going to be a struggle.

9)I am optimistic that I will get rid of as Aryu in this life to become enlightened.

10) I would like to become a yoga counselor.