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Intro to Sn Short Part 2B.mp4
*There were two forms of worship
*Public worship assisted by the priests and priestesses at a temple that was done in the outer court or inner court of the temple.
*The private practice of worship which is done at home.
*The importance of Maat philosophy.
*If the heart is heavy than Maat then your heart is full of worrying and sinfulness, lust and desires which means you are an unrighteous person and you will suffer for your delusions, and after suffering you will reincarnate.
*If the heart is equal you are a moderately righteous person and you will serve Asar in his house.
*If the heart is lighter you have transcended, you will sit on Asar’s throne and become one.
*Discipline of the postures:
*The postures are a physical work and a mythological workout.
*Through the postures your learn to act like the divinities and feel like the divinities.
*You learn how to reason through your spiritual preceptor.
*Knowledge plus experience, equals wisdom, and intuition.
*Wisdom teachings allow you to develop and purify your intellect so that you can reach the intuition level of understanding of a subject. That occurs through the three step process listening, reflecting, meditating through this process you become one with it.

What did you feel was the most important aspect of it?
The importance of learning Maat philosophy was the most important aspect.