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Name of video and time index: Great Truths of Shetaut Neter
2 – List the important themes presented:
• Hidden Divinity/ hidden way of the divine self: Shetaut Neter
• One Divinity behind all of creation and creation manifest in the forms of God and Goddesses.
• Fetters are vices.
• There’s no darkness like the darkness of ignorance.
• Physical realm, astral plane (when we dream), causal plane (the seed causing the rest of existence to become/ the unconscious level, transcendental plane (deep within the heart of the unconscious plane – time and space is transcendent and broken).
• Myth (purpose of life – Asar), Ritual (resurrection), and Mysticism in order to grow spiritually.
3 – Explain what impressed you the most in this presentation: What is real about the tree is the stuff that it is composed of. The body belongs to the earth, the soul belongs to heaven. Spirit is constant. This existence is temporary. We come from transcendental to mortal. Unrighteousness leads to ignorance and that brings us to the delusion which is the world.

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