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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Temple of Asar/The Soul Course
Complete the Lecture viewing
Knowledge Gained from going through the open court up to the front of the Temple for Lesson 1
A) Mud Brick/Living quarters of the Priest and Priestess:
Learning that the difference between the material the living quarters were built out of versus what the temples were built out of was my first observation and it was so eye opening to see how precise everything was in the building of structures and how it related to the building up of the human being into a royal personality. The material these structures were built out of has symbolism; This symbolizes the permeance of spirit (Temple material) vs the impermanence of flesh and bone (Living quarters) of human existence in time and space. This insight made me think of my living arrangements, I know I can’t physically live in the temples of Ancient Egypt but this helped me to even make more sense of being immersed in the teaching in every way I can and this will symbolize for me living in the temples.
B) Dua Asar Chant Relfection
Dua Asar chant within the first outer court helps to reflect on the essence of Asar before going any further into the temple area. It is also in the section where the pools are; Within the second outer court, where the watery purification takes place, more of a vibrational chant when you move closer right before section 3 this is where two pylons were where it was closed off before being able to go into the next section the inner open court. This rise in vibration and chanting type enhanced my devotional feelings related to the Asar and the Absolute Divinity and increased my level of excitement for what else was approaching. Also the 2nd outer court is the place for purification, libations, and ritual preparation for what is to come. One cannot just go and enter into a holy place without being purified to an extent. Hence the reason for the pools that collected water from the Nile. This level also showed the importance of purification as a process that one must go through in order to become an enlightened being.
Further observation/insight obtained: water purification for the physicl cleasning, devotional chant and visualization for heart purification – devotional love towards the divine essesnce within and them just before entering further, mental purification for the mind and senses. This was very helpful as my mind was clouded the night (this being the second go round of coming into the class and starting from the beginning) I reached this part and doing this meditation a few times got me to detach emotionally from the situation; being remind of my true essence and the sky reminding me that I am untouched/unaffected and the emotions I was experiencing were of the ego and this will not allow one to commune with Asar so I had to let it go. This was extremely powerful for me because the negative feeling of sadness dissipated and I felt peace and love for myself and able to move on with my studies which also allowed me to grow further in my development. This practice will be continual considering its value and impact.

C) Knowledge Gained:
I also learned about the term Hems – servants/slave and majesty, priests/priestess were called this as they were servants of the Divine in the role of building and maintain the temples. So even though such an important role, one must still maintain a sense of humility in such a role to prevent elated egotistical feelings of superiority over others. So even though I am serving the Divine through self-less service or sharing spiritual insights to others I am still a servant and must remain humble in my ways of thinking to remain pure in heart and mind.
D) Nature of his Deeds and Identity

Translation of glyph on the outer walls before going into the second open court:
Line 1
Power Truth of Ra and chosen by Ra; this sheds light on the idea of the hands being cut off and piled up, ones deeds are no longer of the ego self but when chosen by the Divine the deeds are pure and allows one to sit upon the throne of eternity. These deeds that he had to undergo to understand himself and the life process in order to create the Temple allowed him to become a shining spirit, an enlightened being and one has to be chosen to be able to do such a great deed.
Being chosen, I see as being humble enough to allow the Divine within to take over and manifest through you through inspiration which influences actions.

Line 2
Beloved (dearly loved) of/by Amun, being able to allow ones witnessing consciousness to be, not being restricted or covered up with eroded mental and emotional agitation hence that aspect of his personality is loving the fact that it is able to do its work in assisting him in the process of attaining enlightenment.
Soul of Ra he identifies himself as being the soul of Ra the inner most essence of the creator spirit, Nebedjer. When one is able to see this as their identity (lower aspect of the personality (Ren) it demonstrates having an awareness of the higher aspect as well the Ahku which is manifesting itself through the Royal Personality.

The glyphs on the outer tabs, at the entrance of the inner court, provides insight as to the nature of the deed of building such a temple. One things I noticed about the name of the Royal Personality, there is a direct link to the personality understanding that his name (REN) is an aspect of his identity, hence how he sees his identity from the outside, is one being beloved by the Divinity, being the Soul of Ra and him being Beloved by Aset who is the mistress of Heaven.
This shared insight on how one should be able to view themselves when their deeds are righteous.
E) Reciprocity associated with being beloved:
One must demonstrate a strong sense of love towards another to be beloved back. So, within his name, he perceives and calls himself to be beloved by the Divine also means that He truly loved the Divine and this is seen throughout the Asarian Resurrection myth, the love of Heru for his father and the Love of Aset for her brother.
More insight that came the second time through:
Amun’s son – child of God = Royal person, redeemer of Asar, being the child of this aspect of God, one is allowing their mind to be clear and always watchful, this allows one to be a protector and redeemer of the soul Asar, to be sovereign of the nine bows, ruler of the human personality, Ruler of Lower and Upper Egypt/Self.
F) Holographic:
Holographic depictions for meditational purposes to further engage the mind in a purification process in this manner via offering of lower energies. So, as I experienced the sad emotion, I had to offer/give it up to the divine so that it (feelings) maybe consumed as the Neteru do work on my behalf.
G) Meditation before the steps
Then coming between the pylons and completing another meditation reflecting on the work that has been done and still needs to be done on ones spiritual journey. Maatian way of life must be engaged in at all times and this is very important considering here one is being reminded to reflect and meditate on it.
The thought process behind the architectural structure of the temple is so fascinating. From the outside making your way to go in, its like its creating that burning aspiration within you that drives ones motivation and desire to want to see and learn more about what is being offered in the teachings to the aspirant. This is what I feel and what I felt went I was approaching the temple. I literally had to slow myself down to experience the fire and create the openness and clarity in my mind to be able to digest what my mind was going to be consuming very shortly.
Dua Ra Khepera, one of my favorite chants, I got really excited when I found it.… so powerful to have that devotional moment being cleansed from the fire before going closer as it cleanses away more subtle impurities that will allow one to have a clearer and receptive mind for the teachings awaiting in the Temple.

8.9.19 – Additional Meeting – Nuggets Received
As I listened in from the many these teachings resonated:

Heru of Gold – the aspect of the personality in time and space that is refined, perfected and fully aware of its higher and lower nature.

9 bows – are under the control of the royal personality; 9 in the boat are the higher, the lower are to be controlled.

Cognitive ability is the tool from the Divine to help us get to the higher aspect of ourself.

Sa(t) Ra en kha tef
Not a child of physical parents, but child of Ra, this is forgotten but one of the most important things necessary not to forget and to always me mindful of.

The Rubric text
I must say that I did enjoy dissecting the rubric text it many significant teaching as it described what is to be expected by completing the process outlined in the temple. I plan to go over it again as it was filled with a lot of things I need to process again.