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Readings Level 1 Lesson 13 Pages 178 – 192

Questions and Answers

Q1. Keep a ___ diary.

A1. daily

Q2 How should an aspirant think about their spiritual checklist and how diligently should they try to be with it?

A2. The aspirant should commit to the spiritual checklist and hold oneself personally responsible for failure to maintain consistency and progress.

Q3. All of life’s activities are ____ to some degree.

A3. ritualistic

Q4. When you approach a teacher bring an _____

A4. offering

Add reply to another students posting on the same lesson and the feedback they received.

Posting LindsayHunnicutt level 1 lesson 13 #6486 Reading

The original posting spoke to the diligence required to stick to the practices outlined in the Spiritual Checklist.

Response by Sebai Maa #6529

The response stated that the Spiritual Checklist is a guideline and primarily that all practices should be engaged in a balanced manner with increasing intensity over time. Additionally that patience and perseverance are required for effectiveness in the practices.



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