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Audio Level 1 Lesson 13

How to be a Successful Student Part 2

Explain in your own words the main teachings in the audio lecture.

The audio speaks to how to achieve success in spiritual development. Part of the process involves viewing the evolution in spiritual development in a manner similar to the way students approach college courses. In college there are courses offered which focus on various topics. The student is expected to acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively address the course topic. Spiritual development shares this process but moves beyond simple knowledge acquisition as the primary means of bringing understanding to the student. The spiritual development process combines informational and experiential techniques / practices together into a group of activities called ‘Sheti’. Sheti advances the process of spiritual inquisition into a holistic process lending a more comprehensive understanding to questions such as ‘who am I’ and ‘what is the nature of existence’ . This comprehensive understanding extends well beyond that which would be knowable based solely on fact based descriptiveness.

The audio discusses some of the problems students face maintaining continuity in spiritual development. Procrastination and lack of interest are a few examples given. To combat this the aspirant must develop a firm conviction that there is more to he/she than just a body that ‘evaporates into nothingness’ after death. Truly understanding the framework under which the essence of your being operates should elevate the significance of the spiritual studies. It should also transform the student’s viewpoint / perspective to one of a soul experiencing life. From that higher perspective the Sebai, and indeed life itself, becomes a grower and shaper of the student’s personality.

The audio speaks to the temporal nature of worldly things and contrast this to spiritual attachments which are enduring and sustaining in nature. Furthermore the discussion talks about how to promote discovery of the Divine via practicing virtue and the benefit of self-reliance in the spiritual growth process. Virtuous living reinforces spiritual identity and works against worldly distractions while self-reliance helps develop confidence, motivation and faith in your ability to accomplish your pursuit.

The audio tape contained questions from members of the audience. The first question reference a conflict opined on a TV show regarding the priest of Atum versus the priest of Aten during the reign of Sage Akhenaten. Sebai Maa dismissed this as unsubstantiated. The second question dealt with literary passages that originated in Kemetic writings but were morphed into Christian writings. It was explained that an in-depth discussion on that topic could be found in Sebai Maa’s text “Journey from Jesus to Christ”. A third question spoke to how pain relief can be achieved assumedly in the context of yogic practices. In the response pain was described as a product of body, mind and soul. Heat in the form of balm and water were mentioned as well as the Kemetic Diet and meditation activity as ways of addressing bodily disorders. The final question raised was in regard to the Aten Hymn which speaks generally to the similarity of all men\women\races\cultures. The response spoke to how the underlying source that animates all matter is spirit.

Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and lectures? If so which ones?

I am working on developing proper meditation technique and standardizing the practice into a daily routine.

If not how will you implement teachings you are currently not practicing in your life and spiritual practices.

By incorporating more elements and refining techniques as scheduling permits.