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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


I want to first thank Sebai Dr. Muata Ashby, Dr. Dja Ashby and the facilitators of Kemet University for considering my application submission! I am humbled and ready for this Spiritual change within myself to reach my True Self.

Regarding the Introductory video- It was very helpful to me to finally see an order in which the books need to be read. I was introduced to Dr. Muata from a YouTube lecture given my someone else who mentioned his name, after doing some research, I discovered the Pert M Heru (Egyptian Book of the Dead) and purchased it as well as the Asarian Theology, 42 Percepts of Maat, and the Serpent Power. It was then I learned of his other books as well as the University, but still unaware of the order. Having said all of that, I will now continue to purchase the books in the manner they are meant to go and begin reading/studying the books in the order they are meant to be read.

Regarding the Ancient African Civilization video- I first want to say THANK YOU! There was so much knowledge within that lecture I did not know about because as you stated the History books of today do not tell the truth! There were so many notes I took from that video I plan to utilize for the betterment of correct education when it comes to our African History!

The biggest thing that has stuck out for me are the videos on the Kemetic Diet for Health.
I have been a Vegan for 5 months now and have not eaten pork for almost 2 years.
When I got to the third video, I found myself having to be Truthful with the things I have been doing as of recent, which is consuming junk foods that included dairy ingredients as well as starchy foods and breads. It has gotten out of hand to a point that I have become ignorant to my slip up and have allowed my egoism to take over! This teaching brought me back to a Divine reality and it was an intervention for me to get back on track and STAY on it!
The Kemetic Spiritualty has been Peacefully life changing for me over the passed 4 months! Like you stated in the video, in order to continue the elevation towards Self Enlightenment we need to consume Green foods and keep our physical bodies healthy.
While my Spiritual Self (Consciousness) was transitioning me to Veganism, I was unaware that this journey was the reason for it! During a time I was only living and identifying myself with the “man-made” world (personality/egoism) I saw the transition as a means to achieve having a nice body. I have shed away a great amount of this false truth and will continue to do so utilizing the teachings from the Kemetic Diet!
I also got the BOOK today as an “icing” on the “cake” lol.

Thank you for your Wisdom and your time!