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Name of video and time index: Intro to SN by Dja conference 2008 part 1
2 – List the important themes presented:
• Living the teachings, not just discuss.
• A sacred space is needed because we become involved in the world and we forget our true nature which is the spirit.
• Men and women are to become like gods and goddesses.
• Setjert is blood, beer, and spirit aka mandrake; story of Hetheru. Lord Djehuti was sent to bring Hetheru back. Blood represents intoxication with worldly desire/ egoism. Beer symbolizes intoxication with worldly pleasures/ ignorance. Mandrake is God stuff/ wakefulness.
• Everyone is the essence of the divine.
• Intellectual wisdom vs intuitional wisdom which is the actual experience.
• We are a Kamitan African religion and Shetaut Neter was practiced in Ancient Egypt.
• Myth is the story that is told. Ritual is the practice. Mysticism is Shetaut Neter.
• 4 Great Truths: the supreme divinity is one and alone, lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality, devotion to the divine leads to freedom from fetters of set, practice knowing oneself and the divine.
3 – Explain what impressed you the most in this presentation: everything.