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Lesson 12 Interactive Assignment responding to post #3647 by Lindsey Hunnicutt and Seba Maa’s response

In the post Lindsey stated that she appreciated hearing about the experience and practice of meditation and that she would reflect on it and listen again to remind herself about what she was ultimately trying to achieve. Seba Maa in post 6422 responded that the purpose of the teachings was to provide a venue in which the teaching could not only be taught but reinforced thus allowing it to be firmly inculcated. Seba Maa also highlighted the point that one should take advantage of all opportunities where one is able to receive, remember and strengthen the teaching “against the onslaught of worldly experiences in the course of an average human life day in and day out, year in and year out.”

This point resonates with me because it emphasizes the struggle one may have in effectively integrating the teachings while ‘being in the world’. This for me is the fundamental human dilemma which is that the more we participate in worldly endeavors the further removed we become from uncovering and affirming our true essence. Yet our physical survival demands that we engage and interface with our material existence. This dilemma is reconciled by finding a balance between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, both of which are expressions of the divine the realization of which results from the unification and transcendence of these opposites.