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Arit Neter S

Udja. This is the response to the quiz question for Lesson 5:
Summarize the feedback that you received for your video posting.

Although the translation states that Lady Aset says that she wants to learn how to become divine as He, (meaning Ra), with dual consciousness and absolute creativity, how to appropriate the divine knowledge for self while on earth, and how to be a goddess, a netert, we are instructed to note the following:
1. appropriation for oneself: collecting for oneself the life force energy, adopting it, and making it one’s own.
2. The gender aspect of this term (Neter, goddess)should be ignored. At this level of studies, it is imperative that we learn to speak without duality.

How to apply this knowledge:
1. Acquire the Knowledge
2. Live as Neter, Neterty

By Dual Consciousness, we are talking about one consciousness with awareness of 2 planes of existence. Not 2 separate consciousnesses. Living in awareness of transcendental self, as well as the reflected/physical self.

It is one thing to have knowledge of the path, and to know the disciplines and teachings, It is another thing to understand the path. The lack of understanding will show up as a block, an obstruction, even if you follow all of the steps correctly.

Guidance: Face challenges, always seeking to apply the teachings in the best way possible, while doing inner practices at the same time.

Being Enlightened in Every Moment.
Bastu Baket summed up Sebai Maa’s discourse very well: “Cannot think one’s way to Nehast”. This is true, however, this was not my intention…the actual meaning of this statement is that in every situation, choose an enlightened response. Choose nehast in every possible moment. It is not a statement about thinking one’s way to enlightenment, This is a declaration of action, and choice. Choosing to respond with Enlightenment rather than reacting with Ego/Set.

Seba Dja stated another understanding of this statement as a remembrance. The shedy disciplines remind us to be enlightened in every moment, and provide training so that we can develop the discipline necessary to be enlightened in every moment, but not the case of thinking oneself to enlightenment.

Sebai confirmed that this is a more subtle advanced way of approaching the statement “Be Enlightened in Every Moment”: Remember to be enlightened in every moment, the remembering then becomes woven into the personality.becomes the nature of the personality. Sebai also pointed out that no matter how skilled we become at this discipline, even choosing enlightenment over Set in every moment, we might be able to control our thoughts and actions in each waking moment, however, we will never be able to control our Aryu. While this can be a beneficial declaration/intention, it is not the actual solution. Because we can never control our Aryu.

Disciplines of remembrance, khak ab, compassion, remaining calm in adversity, etc, are to be understood philosophically and dissolve themselves into the experience of transcendental oneness. Sebai reminds us that at some point, we must let go of all teachings, tools, chants, techniques etc.

Sebai further states that we cannot use our mind to hold onto a concept. Still in all, this is a very useful concept. However, “You don’t want to let go too soon,” Seba Dja

It is a training, a tool, yes, there is a choice. We can learn to remember. This is a disciplinary perspective, yet not actually true in the higher sense.

Can have presence of mind in time and space, that is one positive level of awareness, but this is not the goal. This will keep you from getting caught up in too many worldly things, but it is not Nehast,

In the higher sense, in reality, Sebai states that being Enlightened in Every Moment is a discipline that is useful for transforming the aryu, which is really the determiner of how the personality will manifest in world of time and space. One can only determine what will be done with the shedy that transformed the Aryu. But not by conscious volition or thinking. It is the aryu that gets us in trouble. No matter how much effort we make to transform our personality, it is nothing compared to “the Tsunami of Aryu”, which is far more compelling. Day to day shedy and self effort, work to be more enlightened, these create individual and new aryus. Controlling actions of negative reactions will change the Aryu and this is the real transformation, We really cannot choose or control our Aryu. We can strive to be more disciplined in our actions, reactions, responses, however, negative Aryu can rear it’s head in every moment, and then we must trust the flow, the process, not depend or rely on our disciplines, mind, brain, habits, intentions, tools, techniques, chants, or meditations.

So, it is not so much about being enlightened in every moment, as it is about allowing every moment to purify the Aryu, which is the real transformation. However, in order to accomplish this, striving to be enlightened in every moment, is “no place to be ending, but somewhere to …..staaaart” Sade.

Spiritualize the work or art or career.
That is really fine if that can be done, arranged or worked out. It is a positive and powerful kind of spiritual application. One of the challenges: can have a business, even if spiritual, there are a lot of practical and worldly aspects to running a spiritual enterprise, and one may have a strong relationship/aryu that pushes into a worldly experience. And thus, shutting out the spiritual aspects to make room for the day to day, the business affairs. A spiritual endeavor has crossed paths with physical and worldly stressful situation, in these times, apply the teachings and know that it happened due to aryu, be present and flow. Trust the process. Allow the Aryu to be purified and transformed in every moment, and this will lead to Nehast in every moment. Nehast is the true goal of life.

Dua. Hotep.
Shems Arit