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Name of audio and index: GS13 Dr Muata Ashby interview about his work and philosophy by theremix show
1 – What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture?
• It is important to do the work to bring back to life an aspect of African culture and history, as well as, human history that has been forgotten or put aside.
• Morals and intelligence have been stunted by worldly needs, desires, greed, and lust.
• Ancient Egyptian philosophy has been expanded to modern culture.
• Using proverbial wisdom contains an elevated way of life and has been diffused throughout African history and culture.
• Neglect to live by African values.
• Proverbial wisdom is an ethical foundation.
• Reconstruct culture, history, and values.
• Egyptian yoga is Sema Taui. Unite the lower and higher self. The methods are different when it comes to western cultures. However, religious systems Hinduism and Christianity have very close parallels.
• There was contact in ancient times with Indians and later Christians and there was an adoption of the teachings.
• There are relations to Yoruba.
• A myth is an idealistic story that conveys wisdom. Mythic are ideas of the origins of coming from nothing and brought into being by an intelligence for the purpose of human life to experience existence and that is what creation is.
• Training the mind to understand and confront the world in a particular manner then one will discover that the world is not an absolute reality.
• One will discover that creation is like a dream.
• Neberdjer is creation itself.
• Forgetfulness has allowed us to think that creation exist separate from reality and apart from ourselves.
• If the knowledge does not lead you to freedom and peace then it leads you to bondage.
• The myths are able to helps us understand ourselves because it tells us how to live. It leads us to harmony and peace.
• A myth has a language that leads to a harmonious way of life.
• We apply the myth to everyday life by realizing that we are Asr. The myth is about us.
• The myth has to permeate.
• The ego is defeated through Aset. Victory becomes enlightenment.
• The myth is about transcendental truth.
• Remembrance of memories or subtle ways of gifts are proofs of reincarnations.
• Heru is your aspiration and successful transformation of life.

2 – Are you currently implementing the teachings given in the book and lecture? If so, which ones?
I implement all of the teachings. The one that I focus on the most is meditation and breathing because that practice is kind of difficult for me.
3 – If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and spiritual practice? I am doing all of the teachings, some areas are fuzzy, but I am doing all of the teachings.