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Name of video and time index: Intro to SN short part 3b .mp4
2 – List the important themes presented:
• Hatha yoga is Sema Taui postures of the gods and goddesses.
• Tantric philosophy is evident in Egypt.
• Some Indian scholars drew correlations of Indian teachings to ancient Egypt teachings.
• Neberdjer manifest as the Amun, Ra, Ptah.
• There are basic techniques given to the general population for meditation and then there are advanced techniques such as breathing exercises.
• Philosophies will not be given to ordinary people who just want to see what it’s all about; they’re only given a general teaching and not specifics.
• Symbols were taken from Egyptian cultures and used in monuments in DC.
• You are judged by your deeds.
• Practice your spiritual disciplines.
3 – Explain what impressed you the most in this presentation: Set was adopted as a god by some people, but eventually it was seen as benevolent and representing the lower self.