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Audio Level 1 Lesson 12 Topic: How to be a successful student

In your own words what are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture.

– Seeking enlightenment is a specialized endeavor.

– Shedy describes a process designed to bring the aspirant to a state of self-knowledge.

– The process of communicating the requisite information for spiritual advancement consist primarily, but not exclusively, of these three components:

1) The Seba(i) who is the teacher
2) the Shebait which represents the teachings
3) and Shebat which represents the student.

– The aspirant assist in his journey towards enlightenment by adapting the following characteristics.

1) A receptive attitude towards the teachings and teacher.
2) Faith in oneself.
3) Confidence in the teachings.
4) Initiative to achieve.
5) To be concentrative, purposeful, focused, patient, steady,
questioning, reflective, respectful and humble.
6) An incorporator of virtue.
7) Disinclined to speak with ‘forked tongue’.
8) Inclined to evolve in a manner consistent with the teachings.
9) Seeker of positive reinforcement of teachings via good associations.
10) Engages in conduct reflective of self-control and self-discipline.
11) Integrator of Shedy practices into life on a daily basis and doing so
with a focus on quality versus quantity of practice.
12) Recognize life itself as a teacher.

– Following the aforementioned suggestions will be effective in reducing barriers to effective progress as a student.

– The following list suggestions on how to study the teachings.

1) Try to minimize distractions.
2) Have confidence you can learn the information.
3) Apply what you understand.
4) Note points that impress you the most.
5) Gain understanding on information not clear in meaning.
6) Listen attentively with focus.
7) Manage the amount of information you are trying to absorb.
8) Focus on major points.
9) Understanding is aided by listening, reflecting, meditating and
expressing the teachings.

– Which teachings are you implementing?

I am working with meditation and improving the meditative environment. Meditation helps me with realizing how I can be more effective in the lives of those close to me.

How do you plan to implement the aspects you are not currently implementing?

I am working with the Wisdom Teachings. Interestingly I saw some information on the Epstein case. Later this quote presented itself to me:

” I, GOD, am present with the holy and good, those who are pure and merciful, who live piously and give up their body unto its proper death. To them, my presence becomes an aid, straightway they gain inner vision, knowledge of all things, and win my love by their pure lives, and give thanks, invoking my blessings and chanting hymns, intent on the me with ardent love. It is I, who will not let the operations that befall the body work to their natural end. I’ll close all the entrances, and cut the mental actions off which base and evil energies induce. Mind-less ones, the wicked and depraved, the envious and covetous, and those who murder or do and love impiety, I am far off, yielding my place to the Avenging Demon, who rusheth on them through their senses.”