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Bastu Yashi

Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

In Verse 61, Ra states that the Neteru intentions may be well, with good intentions, Saard, toward him as they arrive at their commander, lord in heaven. Sebai does elaborate that Saard are based on ariu and the initiate is to take, “the bitter with the sweet.” This is pertinent to the auric healing path. He also notes that this does shed light on Aset’s intervention, which was for her best interest spiritually – but did, “harm,” Ra in the process. This was the poisoning of her image of Ra which was the obstacle she pierced to attain her ultimate goal, to unveil creation.

I can relate to this process of, “taking the bitter with the sweet,” for the ultimate goal of spiritual development and auric healing. When I entered the teachings, I took things at base, time and space identification level and didn’t see the spiritual or auric advantage of, “weathering the storm,” of spiritual and time and space challenges. I am now more aware of the relevance of ariu and challenging the image of Ra to sustain spiritual healing and growth. Dua for reading,

Shems Yashi.

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