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Maat Middleton

Temple of Asar Lesson 4 Hieroglyphic Study Assignment

1- What is Medtu Neter?

Answer: Writings of the divine words, divine speech. It is a ancient Egyptian writing system often referred to as Hieroglyphic, tat-“sign” “form” or “image’”. It is meant as a living rendition of reality.

2- How is it different from other writing systems?

Answer: It’s strongly related to hidden teaching and writings called Sheti, the Shetaut (mysteries, rituals, wisdom, philosophy) about the Neter (Supreme Being).

They are divine speech. “The writings of the god Djehuty (Ancient Egyptian God of the Hekau or Divine Word) and also refers to any hieroglyphic texts or inscription generally.

The full scripture of ancient Egyptian language included up to 700 different hieroglyphic signs.

Students in ancient times were not introduced to hieroglyphic with extensive grammatical definitions and terminologies. Part of sentences were not classified as nouns, pronouns, verbs, particles, adverbs. Etc., because they spoke it naturally.

The ancient Egyptian language is unlike the western forms of language in that it contains many dimensions of meaning that necessitate going beyone the literal aspects of the text and the grammar to include philosophical aspects of ancient Egyptian culture as well as an artistic capacity to understand subtle phonetic and visual relationships of ideas that is not possible in a alphabetic system of writing.

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language has many levels of complexity and therefore, the reader must be initiated into these in order to understand them, otherwise, the understanding will remain at the superficial levels and the deeper philosophy and spiritual mysticism will be lost to the reader.

The ancient Egyptian system of writing is discovered to be any extremely sophisticated system of literature.

The ancient Egyptian writings were inscribed in temples, coffins, and papyrus and contained the teaching in reference to the spiritual nature of the human being and the ways to promote spiritual emancipation, awakening or resurrection.

2- List the important topics covered in the book readings about Ancient Egyptian writing system “Medtu Neter” and why are they important for understanding Ancient Egyptian writing as well as the philosophy contained in it? And 3-What are the main take away from the Introduction to Hieroglyphs video, the important teachings to remember about the Medtu Neter and how it works in principle?

Answer: The Medtu Neter is staff-walking stick-words, meaning that speech is the support for the divine. Thus, just as the staff supports an elderly person, the hieroglyphic writings the word is a prop (staff) which sustains the divine in the realm of time and space. That is, the divine writings contain the wisdom that enlightens us about the divine (Shetaut Neter).

If the Medtu Neteru is mastered, then the spiritual aspirant becomes Maakheru or true of thoughts, word and deed, that is, purified in body, mind and soul.

This term (Maakheru or Maa Kheru) uses the glyh Kheru which is a rudder-oar (rowing), symbol of voice, meaning that purification occurs when the righteous movement of the word occurs, that is, when it is used (rowing-movement) to promote virtue, order, peace, harmony and truth, so Medtu Neteru is the potential word and Maa Kheru is the perfected world.

Hieroglyphic means curved in stone.

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs is the longest-lived human language, having been in existence for over3.500 years until their last recorded use in the fourth century C. E. It was invented before the year 3300 B.C.E.

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is important for having the proper historical information of the first writing ever upon the planet earth. Which was myth logically a scripture stating that it is the God Djehuty who created the hieroglyphic system of language and gave it to the world.

Plus in these writing signifies that through the discipline of writings, the capacities of harmonization of the opposite (Hetep) and the psycho-spiritual consciousness center (Djedu) are accessed (opened).

One of the most important discipline of the Kamitain priests and priestesses is to transcribe the Medtu Neter. It serves to develop the mind, to promote studying of the spiritual teachings and to engender the development of higher consciousness through continuous study and reflection on the teachings.

To me one of the most important teachings to remember is that the Medtu Neter is the first writings in the world and is meant as a living rendition of reality although other styles of writings has been holding mans interest for a great many generations now. These writings were inscribed in temples, coffins and papyruses and contained the teachings in reference to the spiritual nature of the human being and the ways to promote spiritual emancipation, awakening or resurrection. These writings are able to heal and redirect the mind, body and spirit towards the Supreme Being. These writings are meant for the return of the eternal reality of gods and goddesses and their great awakening into enlightenment.