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Introduction to Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality workbook pp 21 – 22
1. How would you describe your knowledge of religion and philosophy?
My knowledge of religion and philosophy were both abhorrible. In regards to religion, I did not gravitate to the sermons at all, some lines were just cliché to repeat like “no weapons formed against me shall prosper,” I would fall asleep in church, and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was a burden for me to get up every Sunday to go. Not only that, I went to catholic school and it felt like I was in the military; I hated it. In regards to philosophy, I enjoyed it a lot like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and the rest of the Greeks; lines like “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” resonated with me. I took a philosophy course in college and I absolutely loved it, only to find out years later that they stole all their information. In conclusion, I’m being educated here at Kemetic University in religion and philosophy and the teachings are incredible.
2. What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness and fulfillment in life?
The ego. The ego is so tricky. When I think that I am acting righteously and then when I meditate and go over and over again in my head the outcome of certain events, it turns out that I was the root of the problem when events spiral out of control, but that was not my intentions.
3. What do you see as the most important need that you have?
To put into practice the Shetaut Neter rather than just reading about it.
4. What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now?
I was baptized as a Catholic, however, even though all religions come from Shetaut Neter, I don’t see the correlation between SN and Catholic at all. I resonate with the teachings of SN and growing up Catholic I couldn’t help but run away.
5. What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life?
A major part. SN teaches me how to live my life.
6. Have you had any previous Yoga instruction? If so, where and what was your experience?
Yes. I’ve done bikram yoga or hot yoga and hatha yoga at yoga studios in the city. Depending on the instructor I loved it. Not everyone can teach and I ended up hurting myself a couple of times really bad.
7. Have you received any advanced religious instructions?
8. How do you see your life?
9. What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life?
I have discipline and determination, also, to never give up, so the potential to succeed is there.
10. If you could, what would you like to do with your life.
Be a woman of leisure. Come and go as I please.