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Name of video and time index: Intro to SN short part 2b mp4
2 – List the important themes presented:
• Chant is the beginning of meditation
• Public worship lead by priests and priestesses and private worship alter in home
• Glorious Light Meditation is the first know meditation in history
• Visualize a circle with a dot that symbolizes Ra and your sitting inside the circle
• Postures are a mythological workout because you begin to act and reason
• Do not carry your ego into a teaching with the preceptor
• 5 phases of postures – creation, earth, higher self, and two more
• The practices have to be integral so each aspect of the personality can be developed

3 – Explain what impressed you the most in this presentation:
If a person’s heart is heavier than Maat because of worry, sinfulness, anxiety, lust and desire due to their delusions then they’ll reincarnate. If the heart is equal to Maat, the person is moderately righteous and will serve Asar in the Netherworld. If the heart is lighter than Maat, then a person has transcended and will sit upon Asar’s throne. Discovering a cosmic balance between you and the universe is what Maat is about.