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Reading-Level 1 Lesson 11

Questions and answers

Q1. If religion and yoga are practiced at the lower level only, what is the result?

A1. The result is the practice will not yield spiritual enlightenment but dogma and intellectualism.

Q2. The Egyptian Yoga book series has been put together in such a fashion as to offer what?

A2. To offer every individual a specific discipline as well as an integrated method to practice all forms of yoga while at the same time advancing through the three stages of religion.

Q3. How should an aspirant think about their prospects to follow an integral path of Sema Tawi – Kemetic Yoga?

A3. Human beings generally share the following characteristics: emotion, reason, will and action. To fully develop spiritually the aspirant must feel, think, desire and perform in life in a manner consistent with enlightened development. A yogic path exist in each of the four categories to promote that objective. A Yoga of Devotion for emotional alignment, Yoga of Wisdom for reasoning support, Yoga of Meditation for will power and inner strength, and Yoga of Service for right actions in life. The aspirant may enter the process focusing upon the yoga of choice however the yoga’s are interdependent and synergistic. All four are required for complete balanced spiritual development.

Q4. The four aspects of the personality are: ____, ____, ____, and ____.

A4. Emotion, reason, will, and action.

Q5. The Yoga of Devotional Love enhances and harnesses the ______ aspect of the personality.

A5. Emotional

Q6. Integral Yoga gives you the opportunity to practice yoga at all times. (T/F)

A6. True

Q7. Describe the four main paths of yoga practice.

A7. Yoga of Devotional Love: Enlightened feelings

Yoga of Wisdom: Enlightened thinking

Yoga of Action: Enlightened conduct

Yoga of Meditation: Enlightened self

Q8. The Yoga of Meditation controls the feeling directed towards the Divine. (t/f)

A8. False. Yoga of Meditation is inner-self focused. Yoga of Devotional Love is directed towards the Divine.

Q9. What is the one critical factor every aspirant should understand?

A9. How important it is to strive for simplicity in life. Reducing complexity in life is paramount to spiritual progression.