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Name of video and time index: Intro to SN 1:01:42
2 – List the important themes presented:
• Ancient KMT lasted for thousands of years and the water erosion on the Sphinx is evidence
• The first Neter is Lord Khepri
• SN is the ancient religion of Africa; a highly evolved science (Pantheism).
• Headdresses distinguished who was Nubian and who was Kemetian
• Shetaut is hidden and Neter is divinity. Shemsu are followers
• Myth (story), Ritual (commemorating), Mystical (living it out)
• Practicing Shedy leads to wisdom in the heart and mind
• Virtue allow us to have a true understanding of life
• No gender bias in Neterian culture
• We are a spiritual organization with two branches; Sema Institute (education programs) and Temple of Shetaut Neter (priesthood and initiations)
• Spiritual evolution is perfected with a righteous student and preceptor

3 – Explain what impressed you the most in this presentation:
Neterian Spirituality is elevated because of the spiritual philosophy that it contains. The Ancient Kemet system was denigrated by Orthodox Christians and Muslims and the Neterian spirituality started to change in the dynastic period around 4,000 B.C.E. Cultures such as Aryan, Minoan, and Sumerian formed and religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Pathagorism were present; this took place within a period of 100 years. Ancient Egyptian culture was under siege by Persians which caused migration and displacement. Also, Kemetians were taken as slaves into Asia and other parts. There are similarities and correlations of the cultures to Indian, Dagon, and Congo because of the uprooting.