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1 I would say I am well versed in both. I know in order to have an authentic religion you must have myth ritual metaphysics.

2 I honestly think my greatest obstacle is fear. sometimes I think of the joy and bliss that all the saints and sages have spoken about attaining nehast. and for some reason I fear I cannot do it in this lifetime. so I am afraid that it is not possible for me. also that my happiness has to look my way. ignorant things like cars jewelry house car clothes etc

3 the most important need I have is financial stability so I can eat the right foods pay to come to conferences and trips to kemet which will deepen my spiritual practice

4 i was indoctrinated into Christianity young. it never really made any sense so in my late teens I decide that religion wast for me( because it wasn’t an authentic religion.)in my early twenties I decide to study and practice indian yoga and then I found some of sebais books and began to read them and chose this path. I think it relates because the goal of yoga is enlightenment and in kemeic spirituality the goal to attain nehast (enlightenment)

5 I would say spirituality plays a significant role in my life by the way I treat my neighbor the food that I eat is not coming from animals etc

6 I had an instruction through an indian guru named sadhguru jaggi Vasudev
I stop the yogic process because I feel like that was my spiritual path personally

7 no

8 I see my life improving through the teachings but still feel like I struggle with doing the actual work to reach nehast like living by maat

9 I believe with proper guidance and self discipline I can potentially do anything in life succeed and worldly life as well as spiritualty attain nehast which what I want to do in this lifetime

I would like totravel the world reach nehast and also possibly teach sema tawi to other. to do those things would be a dream come true