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Arit Neter S

Interactive assignment
Responding to Bastu Akhu post #7498, Bastu Baket #6936 and 7012 and Sebai’s #6950
Dua for pointing out the action of replacing negative with positive to purify ariyu I recently started writing out statements 40 times to counter something negative that I said once. Seba Dja once told us that for every negative statement made, we must say the opposite or positive 40 times to counter it. I also realized and experienced that if I say something with anger, it manifests faster than if I say something detached, peaceful, calmly. Learning how to make positive statements with the same intensity or greater intensity than when I say something out of anger or in negativity. Emotions. Seems like negative emotions have more power, but positive emotions are in alignment with Truth. So, they have the potential for infinite power.

Shems Baket #6936
Diua for your reflection, which points out that if we are not mindful, when dissolving the illusion, because if the poison. Is n to strong enough, we could continue living as/in an illusion. The Taffy Shepsy must be very strong to kill the illusion with one bite.

Sebai #6946
“Whenever the heart and/or mind feels or intellectually sees the flaws of the world, they are pursued relentlessly by the avid aspirant to their source and used for the destruction of the illusion of Creation. “
Sebai asked for more examples of this concept of weakening the illusion of Creation: The flaws of Creation are used for the Destruction of the illusion of Creation.

“Hair of the dog that bit you”: an antidote to being drunk. Not sure if it is true, but is said to make one sober up really fast.

From the Video for July 2016
“Take an inventory of what is obstructing you from having it “made in the shade” (Khak ab, Antet Begag, an Chen, etc), and work on dealing with these
While also inventorying what is positive and how to intensify that, and the rest will fall into place in due course, according to level of intensity and relentlessness by you.” Sebai Maa

Listening reflecting and meditating on teachings

Taffy Shepsy: music shedy and the music that is produced. Music that can penetrate the illusion. Consistent level of frequency and intensity.

Living a lifestyle that leads to purity of the heart, shedy that produces positive Aryu, ability to resist and dissipate negative Aryu.

“When negative feelings arise, let it emerge, but do not allow it to depress… Do not act on it. Witness it with khak ab and dispassion. Look at it with the wisdom teaching and allow the light of the goddess to burn it up.” Sebai Maa

This is something I will apply, because in the past, I think I was trying to suppress or transform before expressing, and this is practically impossible. I was unable to suppress or stop the negative thoughts in the heat of the moment, then felt bad about myself for not being able to stop. Especially when I allow the thought(s) to be verbally expressed. Resulting in the opposite result that I originally intended. The negative thoughts feel like a distraction, and expressing them felt like a weakness. But when the Teachings are applied, a lasting transformation will be the result.