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Arit Neter S

Reading Assignment
1. Which Hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

her s 
Her S, Heavy, Burdened

Because at this moment, this is how it feels today, very heavy and burdened by worldly affairs. The lesson today was mirrored exactly in the activities of the day. Been identifying with Ra all day….this is not so good, because I am identifying with an illusion. At least there is awareness of the illusion. Continuously applying the formulas and protocols of goddess Aset.

Djezef der

Djzef Der, overpowered

Same reasoning, feeling very Der by the weight of recent turn of events. To read about Ra becoming overpowered was very comforting for some reason, perhaps because I could identify with his not knowing how he would escape his certain fate. As my eyes were leaking, I felt myself becoming weak, but thanks to the Teachings, was able to resist. It almost felt like an attack, after giving a lecture a month ago, life has been planting one taffy shepsy after another in my path. But today’s event was the deadly strike.

The snake and cobra, providing the deadly strike. The tat for Der: the way the hand is giving you something that feels like it is too much to bear. And it is positioned over the tat for Strength. The tat for R is also in the symbol for the mouth, which represents consciousness. So it is too much not only for the physical body, but also too much for the mind. The solution is in the formula that we have been studying and learning how to apply: Aset holds the antidote. Aset is the antidote. Trust the Divine Intuition. An Chen, because the attainment of some worldly goals can put one in a very good position to establish the proper conditions to attain enlightenment with consistent shedy practice. Khak Ab, let go of attachment to desired outcome, and allow Djehuty to reveal the Cosmic outcome. to surrender to the process, and trust that the experience will lead to Nehast. Ra was overpowered by the poison, and when he allowed Aset to know his name, his true essence, he was healed. Perhaps this is also the same for us. When we feel overpowered, allow Aset to enter and work her magic on our consciousness. Instead of spending lots of time and energy, trying to find a solution in the physical realm, wait and see what unfolds in the spirit realm.

C. peh n-f
 arrived to he

peh n-f

this is one of my fav tats because I do not recognize this tat, the one above the walking legs.

Ra was asking that life vitality and health be returned/restored to him, by speaking as he reached out to the heavensthat it would arrive. And it did, in the form of Lady Aset. He did not know this was a plan devised by her, all he knows is that she arrived with the antidote. This expresses experience of forced to wait and trust that the answer/solution/antidote will come, by way of Divine Intuition, there is nothing that the individual personality, or even the illusion can do at this point. Must wait until it “arrives to you”.

D. Ma pu-u
 what thatttttt?
 what’s going onnnnnn?

whatttttt's goin on?

This is one of my fav tats because Seba Dja quoted a song by Marvin Gaye and now I would like to write a song about/with this term. Also, because you can actually imagine the scene in your mind. All the gods and goddesses trying to figure out ma pu-u with their Lord Ra.

Shems Arit Neter S