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Important Points from the Recap of Lesson 5

Verses 1-20 recap
1. Henotheism: supreme divinity that expresses as many lesser divinities.
2. Dual Divinity, Purveyor of nBreath of Life; Led to existence of all animals
Diff time space continuum, one day is 120 years: we have a different aspect when we go to sleep: dreams happen in a flash, yet it feels like years.
3. Aset comes initially in the form of a woman: M is one of the most important terms: through, as, in the form of, like, or like is actually mi.
Wise in lower mysteries. Became Khak Ab, sick at heart, repudiation.
4. what kinds of things did she learn? Engineering, how to build things, how to create things from various materials, about chemistry, and how everything was made in the Suns, in the “cosmic abyss of outer space” basically, everything is composed of hydrogen and is just another derivative. We are made from elements created from stars. We are stardust. Medicine: how to bring about health and a good life, and how to live an enlightened lifestyle. There are limits, can only have health for so long, everyone has an expiration date. What can be gained with a medical degree? DEBT!
5. Weak intellect is guided by desires. This is ignorance. Heart is the cause of Ariyu and reincarnation. Desire and hatred cause the duality, when ariyu is heavy hearted it will weigh you down even easier. Do not love or hate, this is why it is light. Informal meditation: h9w to have dispassion and detachment; how to lighten the loads off your heart.
6. Sex is a thing of bodies, not of souls. Spiritual realm is beyond gender. Doing worldly things in a spiritual way is like playing with fire. Instead, we attempt to spiritualize our worldly life. This means remaining centered during all things. Remain balanced and unaffected. It also means remaining in oneness whole in the m material world.
7. Beware of the fatness of apis. Want lightness, lucidity in all levels of personality, and in all adversity. Antet began also means dispassion not being a slave to desires and feelings. Start to recognize that there is something illusory.
***** matter how you build things uo, in the end, it must all come down, just like my flower garden that was mowed down today. While I was working on this assignment. The flowers will comer back. Antes began an Chen Aset’s style of going after the teachings relentlessly and not feeling depressed or weary or tired, not feeling sorry for self, not taking a break….until Asar is found, until the soul is redeemed, there is no taking breaks. Not letting n nonsense of body or desires to cause distraction or interruption. It is devotion, it is a way of life.

9. This is NOT based on personal will. When in accordance with Maat. Abba Ab means desire of the heart, personal will, personal desire. Not based on Maat. Self-willed. With Maat: Maat Ari Maat Ab

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Khak ab dispassion detachment
Antet began relentess pursuit of Nehast
An Chen without stopping

10. no one is born already wise. We need to be taught. Life is the greatest teacher..

11. Reflections of Aset
She started to reflect and make choices about the path she wanted to follow. Wanted something higher in life, decided to pursue spiritual enlightenment. What is the n=best way to do this based upon three choices: path of human beings; path of negater, gods and goddesses, or path of Akhu ships, holy people. Chaos Akhu shepsu, have discovered the Akhu, the highest aspect of human personality, and kat or physical is the lowest. Ren is name, ego; ka astral body, where thoughts and
Desires emerge; ab unconscious mind with foece of Sekhem behind them.

12. Kaibit is the shadow, kind of opaque, like an umbrella that allows energy of higher body to be reduced so that you can have physicality. The abode of the shadow is the ab soul.. the Sahu glorious body semi-immortal: can be there until the end of time.

13. When Aset made the choice to become like Ra, she shows us that we human beings can do the same, we can also reach this higher goal. She reflected on this in her Ka, nit just reflecting, she actually goes into her heart, dealing with the unconscious mind.

14. What we must do in order to gain the higher knowledge and wisdom is to learn the name of something, actually to know the essence of that thing.

15.We can know what kind of waves, what is the wavelength of a thing, but do we know where these rays, such as gamma rays come from? What are they made of, and what is the source? Knowing the name of the thing is knowing the true source of the things and its nature,
Knowing the name of the source is the true knowing of that essence. Knowing the true nature that exists beyond time and space. This name cannot be told, cannot be spoken, It can only be known. The TRUE name is beyond time and space and so it cannot be spoken, but we still have names for it.

16. When Ra is drooling, due to old age, at the end of The day. This drool falls all over the Earth. Falls on the faces of the people. Aset sees its value and begins to collect. See the image of ra shining the rays of light onto the faces of the aspirants. This is the spittle the life essence that comes from ra at the end of each Day. Here we focus on the the,, the evening sun, close to sunset.

It means basking in the sun in a special way. Special adorations at evening sun. The face is flooded with the spittle at the end ofd the day.

Qed: restructuring your life, your ways, your body in such a way that will support your enlightenment, sharing your mind so that you are not bumping heads against the world. With an intellect that is able to understand and withstand distractions of worldliness. A lifestyle where one’s soul is not caught up in delusions.

The Soul will yearn for true marriage, true counterpart, and that is only Your Self. The Soul will want to know its Akhu Nature. This is all called Taffy Shepsy.

For more information, study the Serpent Power Discipline.

The end of Lesson 5 Recap
The Last 3 Lines of Lesson 5

In her hand she held the spittle, the emanation from Ra that fell to Earth. She took some soil, she kneaded, she formed that part that belonged to her.

Vs 20
She takes the spittle, a little bit of the earth, started rubbing on her self, like a genie bottle, turning her physical subtle life force light body into the form of the taffy shepsy. She herself IS the Taffy Shepsy. It is a special serpent, a divine serpent because of the goal that it has, the nature of the spiritual practice that she is engaged in.

The scroll appears in verse 19, 20 and 21. It is a determinative, not a spoken glyph. It determines the nature of the meaning of the word. When you see it, add a tinge of abstractness. Something conceptual. Intangible, ethereal to the meaning. Something that goes beyond words.

So, do we always use a scroll when talking about Neberdjer?

Ka hetyu an nemunemu a set
Not going to see physically, extraordinary. Mystical perspective. Mysteries of the temple, intern bible, something that is spiritual, cons=ceptual, cannot be seen, something that you are doing.

Left taffy shepsy non the ground, not moving, an nemunemu inactive. Stationary.

Ra brought creation into existence from period of inactivity to a phase of activity. The difference between creation and non-differentiated state: the movement is what keeps creation going.
The inertia, the gravity, etc dark energy, dark matter, etc, it all comes from this.

The idea of inactivity. The idea is that you must come to a point of an nemenemu, which means where you are not moving, you are inactive. You are not dead, this doesn’t mean that you are not doing spiritual practice. Doing nothing IS the spiritual practice. Because if you learn to regain inertness, it means that you will be able to discern the inert aspect of Ra. The creative aspect of ra and the transcendental aspect.

With constant motion, object appear to be more real. If you stop moving, especially your mind, you will see that the movement is illusory. Form self in one-pointed less that leads to non-movement of the delusion .

1a: One pointedness or
1b: stop the Rays (thoughts) altogether
2. From this state of inactivity, then wait for the right time to strike, to bite Ra.

Important points for Lesson 6

The Boat
Examples of vehicles that traverse on water. Water is a metaphor for the substratum of creation. Undifferentiated water, consciousness or Nun is what the boat of Ra sails on. The boat is the Sun Disk, coursing thru creation, helping to give form to the matter that is in creation itself. The kind of energy that is infused in the very fabric of space that causes space and time to exist and so on and so forth
Boat of Khepri the Creator, the head of a scarab
Boat of Ra, Ra Herakhuty: Ra of 2 Horizons
Boat of Ra Tem the Evening Boat

Put the boats together. Sebai created an image with all 3 boats.

When Ra is perched on the dual horizons, in the middle of the day, he is at the height of his power.

Ra became her goal, focused win Ra and not anything else, so she had to trick him to learn the name on her own because he was not going to help her. In your meditative practice, learn to be immobile. no distractions, constant agitation, so the immobilized nature of this taffy shepsy is part of the theme that fools creation which is used to things moving all the time.

Find that place within yourself that doesn’t move, is not moving.

The aspect of the personality that is being tapped into will allow you to figure out how to attack creation when most vulnerable.

Lead self to one pointedness and letting the sun pass. At the end of the day when those rays of Ra are less strong, when less strong see what happens. This is the Best time for sungazing.

Vs 23
She left the taffy shepsy her personality upon the path where Ra travels. He travels all over the world and is shining. Then at end of day he starts to drool spittle.

feeling heavy tired and burdened by his old age. H uses a cane to shuffle along, afraid to fall, feels weak,

Vs 24
Continues on passing thru two lands as he pleases, even tho he was old, and tired, he kept on according to his desire.

Two Lands: upper and lower Egypt,
also worldly and heavenly, astral realms;
Aset and Nebehet

Vs 25
Still shining bright, on his boat behind him, the nature itself. He is hiding, coming thru in his path

Vs 26
passing thru with life vitality and health. As he continued moving along moving along.
Ruler of the double house, upper and lower Egypt

Stepping along like he did everyday when something terrible happened, he had a bite.he was bitten by means of a
Vs 28
A snake. A sacred serpent, the taffy shepsy, immediately his fire of life began to flow out.
Pert To walk perti walking
After the bite, the fire of life began to run out
Ti or ta, means the same as to walk pert vs walking, used as an ing. One way it can be used, as the aspect of an action.

Vs 29
Starts to bleed into himself, internal bleeding.

All the life force leaking out into ra himself, ra is creation himself, so all that was created was created out of himself, when he starts bleeding, then ra is overpowered by it. This happens to the one who is in the Cedar.

Djezef der: overpower even tho in domain of cedar. This attack has caused loss of the fire of life, causing weakness, Ra to be overcome by this problem. This bite by taffy shepsy causes allows you to create a situation

Perfect example of this is my little flower garden that was mowed down while I was working on this assignment. I was def der… eyes were leaking.
I called Bastu Heryt, and she reminded me to trust, Uhau; and encouraged me to write about the other issues that led up to this event of the snake bite.
I texted Seba Dja, and she reminded me that the flowers will still bloom, like Growth from Growth; and to khak ab. And again Uhau.

Solar boats: King Khufu across the ocean the Mediterranean Sea; it is huge 100 feet long? Perhaps made of cedar, a reddish type of wood, made into oil for embalming. The domain of Ra in his redness

Neter Neterty
Open his mouth and speech by
Vs 31
He opened his mouth and the majesty speech (life vitality and health) arrived to him as to heaven

Vs 32whats going on? What’s the matter?

M a pu u
Throw the gods and goddesses into a tizzy
The time to strike with the taffy shepsy is at sunset
When Ra is weak
Mystic: whenever you are about to create taffy shepsy and place yourself on the PATH OF RA. E

New song idea: m a pu u? What’s going on?

Create taffy shepsy become immobile and place self on the path of RA

Gods and goddesses are made of Ra and are REa

Not shying away from thworld, leading self into process own concentration inactivity, an nemunemu

When you transcend creation itself, discover and identify with that part of yourself, no matter what is going on, higher self is not moving, will exist forever. Mystic perspective.

Ra’s Drama
What’s going on.
Cedar is for solar practice. Anunian tradition solar oriented Ra and Asar are 2 aspects of same coin Ra day Asar acacia tree, is the night.
Wonderful to live at temple and work with priests and priestesses and with those that know the meaning and significance of the teachings as a spiritual tool.

“How wonderful it is to be Regaining that glorious nature that is there” through KMTU.
Hotep, Shems Arit

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