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Maat Middleton

Udja, my question is as a aspirant of the wisdom teachings and one who has been on this path to resurrect myself for a good many years now, I would like to know how I fit into the 3 main aspects of the human personality in terms of viewing myself as Heru, although I am not totally establish in the righteousness of the creator spirit) nor have I the effect of causing purification. Am I partly telling an untruth, due to me being part of the possession in the divine oneness of Men-Maat-Ra & Asar deep within me. Am I not the Royal Person both Heru who has to become establish to take back the throne and kingdom from Set and am I not Asar who has to be resurrected and brought back to life? I am truly feeling this within myself, I am growing these truths within my mind and I am also battling with my ego personality and aryu to become pure and to cleansed. The teachings are guiding my intellect and I am connecting to feelings and divine inspirations even as my Aryu invasions creates challenges for me. I have learnt many lessons from the powers of my Aryu, I can do nothing more then to continue in the process of activating the truths within the teachings and practices so I can reach my goals to empower my will (Heru). I have experience many of the great difficulties, hardships, pain and suffering from attempting to live a normal human life, so I am very well geared to remove such behaviors from my personality and lifestyle, as I have grown strong and very willing to transcend the illusions I once became apart of during the many lifetimes I have lived. I have grown a need towards the truth and the real. I know that I have to gain more entrance into my own divine nature and practice diligently each and everyday in order to fulfill my need to transcend my body and physical identity, so I plan to dwell in that which I realized that love more than anything, the wisdom teachings. A path has been well established for me to turn over to deeper study and I will honor it by giving into my pleasure of learning the wisdom teachings. I know that by these means I can gain the strength needed to enjoy the acts of righteousness even more. Shetaut Neter is the spiritual path that’s channeling my personality with the necessary means to conquer my ego personality. I know I still need consistency, compassion and patience with my long begotten return to the doors of enlightenment. I am finding my true identity as the transcendental self, even as there is so much more for me to learn, know and become. My second desire is to increase the purity of my physical existence and this is my understanding of this initiation Temple of Asar Bonus Material Reserve Teaching thus far. Dua, Htp.