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Level 1 Lesson 10 Readings 125-140

Response to Questions

Q1. The Kemetic term ‘Uaa’ means ____.

A1. meditation

Q2. How should a spiritual aspirant think about their capacity to control ‘externalized consciousness’ and their ability to rise above their conditioning of the past?

A2. A path exist to promote ‘internalized consciousness’ which is the opposite of externalized consciousness. The Yogic disciplines including meditation provides techniques such that when applied takes the aspirant beyond the conditioned mind to depths revealing the universal consciousness and the self as a component thereof.

Q3. The practice of meditation allows one to create what?

A3. An experience of the real self which is beneath, foundational and underlying to the perceived self which is conceived and formed primarily via external interactions.

Q4. The ‘Normal’ state of human consciousness cannot be considered as ____ or complete.

A4. whole. Because the normal state of consciousness is not continuous. A characteristic of non-continuity of regular consciousness is the unrecognized passage of time. There are many factors that can create this effect, such as anger and desire, but when it occurs a separation of the full here-and-now of normal consciousness is experienced. The focus of Yogic and meditative practices is to promote the discovery of our Universal Consciousness which by contrast is continuous and abiding in nature.

Q5. When you fall asleep you believe the dream world is ‘what’?

A5. The dream world is perceived as the real world.

Q6. Do not eat for at least ___ hours before meditation.

A6. two

Q7. When you feel anger or other negative qualities what should you do?

A7. As one develops in the process of meditation certain words are used to support deeper levels of discovery regarding the inner self. These words and the concepts associated with them can be used to both repulse the incorporation of negative qualities and enhance the deepening of the inner discovery process.

Q8. As intuitional vision of your all-encompassing nature dawns in your heart, you will be to look beyond what?

A8. All the differences in the human species and recognize the commonality found in the underlying spiritual nature of our existence.

Q9. What is the Kemetic term for devotion?

A9. Ushet.