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A) as human beings what we are after is the ultimate reality behind creation. the origin of humanity started in Africa and spread out through the world from that point on. kemetans had no concept of race. the hetheru temple was dismanted by invaders and used to build churches and houses.\

B) there are more souls today on earth than in the history of the world. we are transcendental beings on a journey. no two souls have the same karmic basis.

1. I have read the autobiography of a yogi and there were a few questions that arose after reading that book like: are we alone in the vast cosmos? there were many miracles and supernatural powers also like telepathy, teleportation healing, etc. which in india are called siddhis is there any evidence of these taking place in kemet? I also watched one of your videos on youtube and you said that the main practitioners of magic were in kemet which makes me curious what is magic? and is it still being practiced today?

2.what was the purpose of jewelry in ancient Egypt, like talismans, amulets, etc. were they used in magic rituals? in one of your books I read that gold is coagulated sunlight, could you elaborate on that ? and from a metaphysical stand point do precious metals and stones have power like a lot books claim and also ancient cultures all over the world claim that they do? Cleopatra mined and wore a lot emeralds, I read in one book that many battles were fought over precious stones by personalities such as alexander.

3. in patanjalis yoga sutras there is discussion of vibhuti pada which is a list of supernatural powers that the aspirant receives on his journey is there any truth to this ? and is thereany kemetic evidence of this?

4. What is samadhi? and is there any kemetic word for it?