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Level 1 Lesson 9 Reading Pages 107 – 124

Q1. What is Maui?

A1. Maui means to reflect, to think, to ponder, to fix attention upon and/or concentrate.

Q2. Name the processes in the practice of the Yoga of Wisdom.

A2. Listening. Through this process the aspirant gains an intellectual understanding of the Teachings as provided by a Spiritual Preceptor.
Reflection. Living the Teachings in a contemplative manner with an objective of understanding the wisdom regarding the true nature of oneself.
Meditation. Sustained reflection designed to bring an aspirant to a state of oneness with the Universal Consciousness.

Q3. What are the steps in the Yoga of Action?

1) Practice right actions, learn Ethics, understand the Laws of Cause and Effect, control your thoughts and actions.
2) Enhance the development of one’s higher self by continuously integrating the practice of virtuous living into one’s life.
3) Let the conduct of your life be a reflection of Maatian principles and consider each action as an offering to the Divine.
4) Practice meditation from the perspective of being one with Maat (i.e. the transcendental cosmic order).

Q4. How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego-based feelings and how does the ego path effect them as an aspirant transforms through time?

A4. The aspirant should view the egocentric perspective/actions/feelings as a measure of their conviction, consciously or unconsciously, that duality is the actual state underlying existence. Listening, reflecting and meditating on wisdom teachings counters the egocentric perspective and continuously raises the awareness of universal consciousness in the aspirant as time progresses.

Q5. If you don’t learn the spiritual lessons that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?

A5. You are setting yourself up to have the same experience repeat itself again.

Q6. By acting and moving like Gods and Goddesses one can do what?

A6. One can essentially discover the character, energy, and divine agency of the God(desses) within ones consciousness.

Q7. Yoga postures began in India (t/f).

A7. False. Archeological evidence supports the existence of yogic practices, including postures, in Egypt significantly predating its practice in other parts of the world.

Q8. Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in [recreational] activities.

A8. Recreation in this context means, instead of engaging in distractive activity, contractive activity is pursued with a focus on the focused enjoyment of consciousness development.

Q9. The stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect?

A9. With respect to improper breathing, it grounds the consciousness to physical realities instead of allowing the mind to operate with lightness and subtlety.